Friday, October 31, 2008

Just say NO to drugs!

This week at my son's school was Red Ribbon Week which is basically a "just say no to drugs" type of thing. Well they made floats for a parade they had yesterday and little man got to be one of the 4 chosen to walk the class float in the parade, because quote she needed someone she knew she could trust. He was so professional, hamming it all up and waving at his adoring fans along the sidewalk. It was a great little parade complete with a fire truck, ROTC, Ambulance, band, and the best in Wyatt's opinion the 2 motor cycle cops he got to walk behind.

His class float was a Big ol spider with webs all over and it said "Don't get tangled up in a web of drugs" Cute right? he also wore his tie dyed tshirt that I just happen to make for the entire class for the field trip tomorrow so they all match. Of course I was snapping away with the camera.

Abby was Loving the band that came from the near by high school she was breaking it down!


Tabi said...

Tell me I am reading this wrong! You made shirts for his entire class???? Oh man....I so am not in the running for mommy of the year!! How awesome are you!! That's neat that you did that!

Kurt and Samantha said...

You should be so proud of him! He sounds like he is a really great kid. Love the shirts--I can't believe you made them for the entire class!! You did a great job--I want to see a pic of the whole class wearing them.

Elizabeth said...

Martha at it again. Love the tshirts.

Solei said...

Red Ribbon Week here too... How come our school didn't do anything as cool as that?!?! All they got to do was wear slippers to school today, hmmm. And I'm impressed with the spider. Too cool! Perfect for halloween decorations!
But more than anything, girl... you made t-shirts for the ENTIRE class?!?!?! Ok, you win the cool mom award!

jenn3 said...

I know this has nothing to do with this post, but OMG, I LOVE that polka-dot coat! That is so cute!