Wednesday, December 14, 2011



Oh Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest.  I had read all about this place through the blog world, everyone was talking about it, but I resisted not really understanding what all the hype was about.  But then a few of my IRL friends started talking about it and I just had to know more.  Well a few weeks ago I broke down and created an account, and that my friends was the beginning of the end! One blogger I read wrote it best "This place is like crack to the creative type" or those who just aspire to be creative like me ;) I have said it many times I am not creative but I am great at stealing other people's ideas!  Well friends if that is you Pinterest is the place for you.

BUT good things can come from Pinterest.  I figured if I am gonna spend countless hours scrolling though other people's boards I better have something to show for it.  You would be amazed at what you can learn.  Like for instance I learned that I can wash my shower curtain liner in the washer with some bleach and vinegar.  Supposedly the vinegar cuts the soap scum and the bleach will get rid of the mildew stains.
click the picture it will take you to my cleaning/organizing board where you can click it to take you to the website that gives the instructions on washing your liner.

So I tried it, I threw it in the washer & they suggest you wash it with towels to help scrub away the gunk.  Well I don't really have any towels that I bleach so I threw in some socks, undershirts and wash rags with it and OMG it really works, it came out amazingly clean!

But this wasn't my first project.  I also got inspired to get some organization going on in my kitchen pantry and spice cabinet.  Our pantry was just chaos and a bit embarrassing, it isn't tiny but it isn't huge by any means either so organization was gonna have to be the key to make the most of it.  My spice cabinet was probably like most people's-tons of canisters of spices, miscellaneous cooking items and lots of disorder.  Insert my Pinterest cleaning/organizing board I started looking for ideas & found tons of them & I was off to the Dollar Tree and Target to get bins and drawers and anything that looked like it would help me get things in order.

First I attacked the spice cabinet

It wasn't terrible but I usually pulled about 10 spices out before finding the right one

I bought 2 bins at Dollar Tree and arranged all my spices into them, I used some Rubbermaid bowls I had on hand to get rid of the many boxes of random items in there and sorted all the baking items into another tub I also already had & then I printed out some labels using my label maker.  All in all this transformation cost me $2!

Then I was onto the pantry.

The before:
I told you it was bad.
I started by pulling everything out trashing old stuff and sorting things to try to figure out a better system.  The kids are always in there wanting something to eat and they never knew where anything was.  Also Wyatt has really stepped up this year and gets himself up in the morning for school and gets his own breakfast while I am sleeping a few more minutes getting Abby up and ready, so I needed to make it easier on him to find what he wants.

Insert drawers, I went to Target and bought two of those 3 drawer bins.  I decided what would go in each drawer and labeled each.  Bars/Snacks, Crackers, Breakfast, Brownie/Cake mixes, Cookie mixes & decorating, Paper plates/napkins/plastic utensils.  Now the kids can open a drawer to grab a snack or Wyatt can grab some cereal off the bottom shelf or something out of the drawer.
I plan on making the drawers a little prettier with an idea I found of course on Pinterest :)
The I organized the bottom shelf to hold cereals, my slow cooker, my super cute new cooler and a few other misc. items.
I also plan on getting some shelf liner paper to brighten up the ugly shelves

I bought a bunch of containers at Target and Dollar Tree to organize the massive amounts of chips, crackers, pasta etc.

Here are the final results
Much better right? Now I don't feel like stabbing myself in the eyes when I open my pantry.
I have also learned tons of hair tricks for Abby, since she started school this year I have been forced to do better than just brush and pull it back every day.  Insert my hair board I have found some awesome ideas like the day I made her hair look like an "I".  Just because it happened to also be her letter of the week and be share day doesn't necessarily mean I was trying to look like "that" mom. 

ok ok I totally wanted to be that mom, and I didn't mind when I went to school that day and got more than one comment about how cute her hair was ;)
Just yesterday I learned how to make her hair curly with only a headband and had to try it last night!  Click here to find out how
some of the best curls she ever had and it took me about 5min. last night

 So if I have convinced you of the awesomeness of Pinterest and you don't have an account I will send you an invite just leave me your email address.