Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordful Wednesday-Ghosts of Halloween Past

Since Halloween is this weekend Angie has made wordful Wednesday's prompt "ghosts of Halloween past".

I LOVE going thru old pics and looking at the cute costumes of years gone by. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I love picking out or making the cutest costume on the block. I have lost the battle with Wyatt but Abby is still mine:)

I wish I had older pics like Wyatt's first one, he was only a few months old and went as a Chili pepper! OMG he was so cute

2005: Wyatt couldn't make up his mind. At first it was a cowboy then he wanted to be a cop. So I had the PERFECT idea! Wyatt Earp!! he was both a cowboy and a sheriff. It couldn't have been better, especially since the only thing I had to buy for his costume was a sheriff badge and gun holster (which I am pretty sure I got at Publix)

2006: Abby's first one and the last time I think Wyatt let me dress him up. She had tons of hair and we always had it pulled up on the top of her head in a little Pebbles do. So of course that would be a perfect costume, I made her little outfit with some fleece I bought and her barrette was an actual dog chew bone glued onto a clip:) Wyatt who was a dinosaur (Dinno ya know the Flintstones pet) he didn't go for the Dinno thing very well but he was cool with just being a dinosaur.

2007: Yep I didn't get to pick out his costume this year! He was SO into Transformers and we were forced to let him buy one of those cheesy costumes. Abby went as a kitty

we even did a transformer pumpkin

2008: Once again no choice in the costume department for Wyatt. But Abby oh my it is SOO much fun having a little girl:)! Here are my Ninja and Princess witch

I made her tutu and then bought a great shirt and witch hat at Target, I just added a crown from the dollar bin and some more tulle.

This year Wyatt will be Boba Fett from Star Wars-yep another cheesy costume that he LOVES:) She will be Thumbelina, I can't wait!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall = pumpkin fun

So like I said yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch over the weekend. Of course that meant picking out the perfect pumpkin-not.

See after spending the $$ to get in then of course having to buy snacks and treats at the PP the costly small pumpkin just didn't seem like a great idea when we were heading to Publix right after to get stuff for the bon fire.

So we explained the situation to the kids as to alleviate any tantrums on the way out and to avoid drawing attention to us as we walked away pumpkinless.

Monday was a gorgeous day and since there is a chance of rain in our near future we decided to do the carving. Once we finally decided on a picture for it, it was all hands on deck.

First you must scoop the yuck out, well after daddy cuts the top off.

Then you tape on your design and start poking the outline, this is alot harder than it looks and took all four of us!

Then daddy steps in again and carves out the picture, with a little supervision from Abby-Of Course!

And after all that hard work you get a great looking and not so spooky pumpkin.

I'm jumping in on Creepy, Crawly Crafts with Mayhem and Moxie maybe it this will win me a Flip Camera!

I am on a roll this week so make sure to scroll on down to my post from yesterday.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Recap

Well it was a nice week and weekend the weather was great most of the time, some real fall weather that we have been wanting so badly.

I had most of last week off due to one of the girls being sick and staying home. Wyatt got out of school early on Thursday so I ran some errands which included a trip to the Health Department-Yuck. They had gotten the H1N1 vacc in, so even though I was scared of the shot, I am more scared of them getting the virus and something terrible happening. A relatives perfectly healthy 12 yr old daughter died from the virus and that is what got me really thinking about getting the shot.

Wyatt has issues when he gets a small cold so no telling what this would do to him. He can not get the mist due to respiratory issues, so it was a shot for both of them. He was a real trooper and took it like a man, Abby on the other hand-she freaked the freak out! She was so good with her regular flu shot I didn't even hold her she sat there and took it, but I think she knew what was coming. I had to pin her down in my lap and hold her arm so the nurse could stab her, it was real fun-NOT!

So we did it and they had NO problem at all from it, Wyatt didn't even complain about his arm being sore like from the regular flu vacc we got a few weeks ago. Afterwards we headed to Sonic to get milk shakes for their bravery!

Saturday started off yucky, but I hoped we would see the sun and gladly the weather lady was right for once. There may have been some ugly emails sent if she had lied to me once again about the weather and telling me it was gonna be a nice day only to find out that the sun never makes an appearance.

We were off to the Pumpkin Patch, we went to a new one this year and it was fun. Muddy but fun. There were a few moments during the hay ride I was unsure if we would make it out of the mud!

They had alot of fun stuff for the kids to do and climb on

They also had a huge slide-the kids loved it and went down more than once

there was a small little patch

And a great "corn" maze. I say "corn" because it is actually sorghum which looks alot like corn. It ended up being the muddiest area of of the farm, but was alot of fun and a learning experience. In order to figure the maze out you had to answer questions. Wyatt did good and only took us the wrong direction once.

That evening we had a little bon fire out back and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows with some friends. They had never cooked hot dogs over a fire before! I couldn't believe it. It was a cold night but the fire kept the adults warm and the running around like maniacs kept the kids warm.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I got older, what did you do?

It is official I am now a 30something. So yep I am a year older but not much wiser.

Well Shane being the great hubs that he is had really planned it all out. Whatever, he had nothing planned. He came home from work on Friday afternoon gathered the kids and went on his normal last minute shopping trip. He is so thoughtful like that:)

I had told him about a month ago what I wanted, actually take that back I told him back in May what I wanted and didn't get for mother's day, so he could of had an idea since then. But being the man that he is he waited-WAITED til the night before to go get my gift that I wanted. A gift that has to be personalized. Sorta like this Necklace BTW that link is to her online store check it out. Or if you're close by they have an actual store-lots of cute stuff

He ran up to a friend's store to get it since I gave him instructions on even where to buy it:) He did really good and made up for his last minute trip by bringing some other things home, so as to not come home empty handed!

A cute coffee cup with my initial, because we all know how much I love my coffee and you can't go wrong with anything that involves it. Also a super cute frame that I plan on hanging in our bedroom. I think I am gonna use the pic over there --> of the kids from the beach.

When they got home he also told me that they had voted and planned on having my party that night even though it was a day early. I was so excited I even got to cook my own dinner at my party;) Abby has an obsession with birthday parties and everyone must have one. So they stopped at Publix and picked up a yummy cake.

sorry forgot to snap a pic before we cut into it:)

Saturday we had planned on going to the pumpkin patch but it was all kinds of yuck outside. Cold and rainy so we stayed home.

Saturday night we dropped the kids at Gram's house and went to dinner at Carrabba's-it was soooo good. Wine and good food was really what I needed. We then went to the movies and realized why we don't go to the movies on a Saturday night-dang it was crowded. I was bummed that our movie was sold out, they even had 2 showings at 7 but obviously all the teenager's there were buying it. Afterall it is only PG13 and has Vince Vaughn. We saw Zombieland, it was R so no teenagers, a plus in our eyes! You know your old when you become those people at the theater, ya know the ones who want to complain but don't because you don't want to be those people! anyways the movie was funny, gory but funny.

But dang the people there to see Paranormal Activity crazy! it was sold out for the night.

Sunday we were up bright and early to pick up the kids and head up to see our dog that is still at the trainers. We miss her so we all made the trip this weekend.

she was her normal spastic self and was happy to see everyone

We got back home and the day turned out to be sorta warm so we got a few things cleaned up outside and ready for winter, I was sad to take the hammock down. We love laying in it every afternoon. I brought some firewood in and last night we sat by the fire all night long-it was COLD! I woke up this morning to 29-WTH it is October not January.

Atleast it is suppose to be nice this week in the 70's so hopefully more like fall and not winter like the past few days. Maybe we will make it to the pumpkin patch.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

she can sleep anywhere!

Last week Wyatt was on fall break from school all week, so the naps were few and far between for Abby. See usually I can get her to fall asleep in the car on the way to school and sleep the entire time we sit in car rider line until we get back home getting her a good 50-60min nap.

Well since there was no school she was not having the whole nap thing and since she was doing NO nap there were LOTS of breakdowns in the evening close to bed time. The other night we sent her to her room to watch a movie and chill because it was one of those days. Well she had been quiet for a while so I went and peeked and this is what I found:)

she had fallen asleep in her chair watching Tinker Bell, how sweet is she?? Shane told me to stop taking her picture and put her to bed.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Well it was fun while it lasted

Last week I had an entire week off! The kids I watch went to Disney so Abby and I tried to make the most of the week.

We were lucky and the weather was gorgeous. We went to see Wyatt at school and volunteered in his class a couple of times. Wednesday I was mommy of the century and took him McDonald's for lunch!

The other day I got her paints out and put one of daddy's scrub shirts on her and let her paint some pretty pictures with her big roll of paper Pappy gave her.

Posing with her masterpiece

We ate lunch outside

Zeus was hoping we dropped something for him to eat-he should know better though because that never happens, he's not aloud to eat people food. Poor guy never gets anything good.

Thursday we went to the zoo. My dad made the almost 2hr drive here and joined us. We love our zoo and go all the time.

On Friday we went back to see Wyatt at school. They were displaying their animal science projects. That's right he had his first project of the year, which we all know really is more work for the parents, that is if you care anything about your child actually learning something and following the directions.

He chose to do a shark which I was glad because it was simple to find stuff. We did have a great time putting it all together. I secretly love this kind of stuff and was glad to help him learn some fun facts.

I am a bit partial, but I think his was best:)

Saturday was gorgeous so we got out and went to a new park. Shane took his bike and rode the entire greenway while the kids and I played.

Sunday it was cold and rainy I never left the house-heck Abby and I didn't even get out of our pjs:) Shane had gotten up early and went to visit his dog at the trainer's and to see his Nano at the nursing home, then when he got home he and Wyatt ran out for a minute to go over to the farm he hunts and check on things since the man who owns it is out of town. But when he got home we all sat around and did NOTHING.

Well now it is Monday again and the kids are back and Wyatt is on fall break so that means 4 kids all week!! Oh the joy