Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's what's for dinner II

If you missed the last edition of "It's whats for dinner" staring Abigail you can find it here, We had Slow Cooker Tex Mex Chicken.

For this edition my sous chef will once again be Abby. She will be preparing Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla soup. Anyone seeing a trend beginning to start? You can find the full recipe here

The list of ingredients is a bit overwhelming but trust me nothing is crazy about them and I had everything in my pantry but enchilada sauce and green chilies. I did fool around with the recipe just a bit and added a can of Black beans with sauce, and omitted the Cilantro.

Also instead of cooking the chicken then shredding it and adding it to the crock pot, I just threw in whole frozen chicken breasts. About 4 or so hrs later I pulled them out and shredded them with a fork, it was super easy to do.

Add the water, frozen chicken and a bay leaf then dump some enchilada sauce in

Then that can of black beans I mentioned before that was not in the recipe

Dump everything else in (it starts to get pretty full by this point) and end with the seasonings. Next time I may take a bit of the water out since my beans had sauce in them.

Then of course you must stir it

I served tortilla chips with it, which everyone crumbled into the soup. I also sprinkled a bit of cheese into mine. It was so good everyone loved it and everyone got clean bowl award for eating all their dinner!


Amber said...

I will sooo be trying this one!! We love soup and this sounds really good!!!

Elizabeth said...

Yummy, that sounds good! We may have to try that this weekend since its going to be cold.

Cindy said...

Abby is just the cutest little thing!!! I've made that soup before too & it is GOOOOD!