Saturday, January 30, 2010

My header is SO true

Because it is a Winter Wonderland here in beautiful snowy south

After that last pic yesterday is continued to snow and snow I think they said we ended up with about 4in but then last night is sleeted and rained a bit and that made everything a solid sheet of ice over the snow. It is very crunchy and VERY slippery out there today. But it makes for some awesome sledding or should I say skim boarding:)

We have already been out once today and looks like we are about to head out again cause the kids are dying to get out in it again. I've taken tons of pics and will be posting them soon, maybe also some videos. I've also got some great videos proving our great parenting skills. I really do wish I could ad the disclaimer of "no one was harmed in the making of these videos" because unfortunately someone or more exact Abby was. She did a flip off the sled and her face hit the hard icesnow, her pretty little face is so pitiful looking.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Wow the weather man got it right this time!

Because they predicted snow and guess what??


currently it looks like this:

yes I know that is sad but it has just started and maybe they will be right with the prediction of inches, time will tell.

It is now 1:15 and this is the view out my front door

there is a driveway and a road out there somewhere. Hubs is on his way home from work and the mom of the girls I watch is on her way we will see how long it takes them to get home cause this is TN and people are freaking nuts and have NO clue how to drive and they have already shut down the interstate because of a 15 car pile up! Good thing is she is from Michigan so this is just a dusting to her.

Monday, January 25, 2010

When your a Princess you get to celebrate over and over again

After last night Abby's birthday week is officially over. On Wednesday afternoon she and I went to a cute little girly salon to get her hair cut and braided and then get her nails painted. She just loved the pampering. I told her we will go back when the weather is warmer and she and I will get pedicures, they have little girl chairs beside mommy sized pedicure chairs they are SO cute.

Then we came home and she helped me make homemade pizza for her birthday dinner. After dinner she was excited to finally get to open some presents and blow out her candles on her cake that Wyatt had picked out for her with daddy. She got a cute "a" shirt, an art smock, and a "cake oven" aka Easy Bake Oven. Yes we have already made us some cakes in the easy bake oven and they actually tasted pretty well.

On Saturday we had a party with her friends at the movie theater. We watched Alvin and the Chipmunks and then ate cake and open presents afterwards.

She requested a Strawberry Shortcake cake. I was excited about that because I had also had a Strawberry shortcake party when I turned 3. I just think it is great how certain toys from my childhood are still around and are favorites of little kids today.

I was a bit crazy and decided I would take on the making of this cake. I studied cake pictures for weeks and came up with this little gem:

I mean how cute is that? I was quite proud that I was able to pull it off. Although Shane did have to step in and help out with the icing of the cake cause I was having some issues. The cakes were super yummy tasting thanks to Duncan Hines:) I did however make homemade buttercream icing though-which is SUPER easy to make and is SO worth it. I had two great helpers on Friday making the cakes and icing. Abby and the little girl I watch were especially good at licking the beaters:)

Yesterday afternoon my dad, my MIL and my step MIL came over to bring the princess her gifts.

Wow was that a week of fun for her. I still can't believe she is 4, although she reminds us daily of her age and new found abilities afterall she is 4 now and needs little help from me!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hard to believe but it's been 4 years

Four years ago today our little Miss Abigail graced us with her presence. I should have known as quickly as she came into this world that we were in for the ride of our lives!

While pregnant with her everyone asked the million dollar question and I usually gave the politically correct answer of "it doesn't really matter." BUT deep down I knew I wanted a girl. Would I have not loved another son, of course not, but dang I wanted a girl. I had dreams of playing dress us, braiding her hair, painting her tiny nails, shoe shopping and all that is pink and sparkly. I also want to have a life long best friend in her. I want to be the mom that I don't have. I want to stay up late and talk about her first boyfriend and talk about all the mean girls at school and tell her how it is gonna be OK. I want to go wedding dress shopping and be the one to help her when she comes home with her first baby. I wanted all those mother/daughter things that are so special. and it didn't hurt that I knew I would seal my place by giving the grandparents a granddaughter after all those boys ;)

The last four years have been crazy with her around, don't get me wrong she was the BEST baby. Only surpassed in greatness by her brother. But Dang she is making up for her lost time in giving us hell. She is a ball of drama. At this age Wyatt had all but given up naps he didn't really need them. When she was born I decided it was time for mommy to reinstate nap time around here because I needed some time to breath & he was cool with it. But with her if you even think about saying the dreaded N word she freaks the freak out and if she hasn't had one you better watch your back cause someones going down if you mess with her.

She has earned her nickname "little evil" many times over. She will scream the most ungodly scream that hurts my throat to hear it over the littlest thing. She loves all things that is Princess and Daddy. She wants to do everything the boys are doing and gets very irritated if she thinks she is missing out on some fun. Daddy will be coaching her in tball come spring and all I have to say is those boys better watch it, cause they sure don't want no tiny blonde hair, blue eyed princess showing them up on the ball field.

We are loving every minute of being her parents (well maybe not EVERY minute) I couldn't ask for more. I am so glad God picked me to be her mom.

Look how much she has changed since way back on that first day of her life with us!

Monday, January 18, 2010

He is now a provider for others

Nope still no computer for me, so I am stealing Wyatt's for a bit to get this post out.

Remember when I told you about Wyatt the mighty hunter here? Well this weekend was no different. It was the last weekend of hunting season which was a juvenile only hunt. He and Shane were up at darkthirty, unfortunately it also required me to get up for just a bit to help get him in all his stuff and make sure he had plenty of warm clothes on. Unfortunately, they returned empty handed later that morning, but Wyatt was determined and wanted to go back that afternoon. Daddy was happy to take him back even if it was raining. Shane is convinced it is the rain and this certain orange vest that brings them luck because it was also raining and he was wearing the same vest when he shot his first deer.

I got a picture a little while later and was very happy for him. I only had one question, what were they doing with it because it will not fit in our freezer. Between veggies from the garden and all the other deer in there it is PACKED. He called a friend and he said he would happily take it. So now he has provided for others.

Here is my proud little man with his 2nd buck!

Friday, January 15, 2010

sorry about being MIA

It's just that I have had a problem around here, a BIG problem.

Remember that awesome xmas present from the hubs? Ya know the one I was on here bragging about because I was so excited to be in the incrowd and finally have my very own laptop, one I didn't have to share with anyone. That very awesome xmas present is exactly my problem. As in it is DEAD! Yep you heard me right my very brand NEW pretty computer is DEAD.

It all started very innocently it would just randomly shut off, not shutting down just having what I thought was a kinda brain fart:) I didn't think much about it, thought it was just getting the kinks worked out of it's new self. Well I guess that not thinking much about led to it's demise because then soon it wouldn't do anything-no starting up, no system restore and no dreaded system wipeout-as in I have to wipe out the entire hard drive to restore to factory setting fixing the problem while loosing ALL my info. Luckily it was such a brand NEW computer there wasn't much on there to loose and what was on there was also on my former computer or still sitting on my camera card.

So after MANY phone calls to some other country talking to "technical support" (I use that term loosely seeing as they weren't very supportive in solving my problem). Their only solution was I box up my brand new computer and pay to ship it off to some unknown location for god only knows how long.

I was pi$$ed. How could this happen? It is brand new, why can't I just take it to someone locally or why should I have to pay out of my own pocket to ship the junk back? That IMO was crazy. They would more than likely have it longer than I had been able to use it. Here's the kicker the guy told me they would have paid to ship it had it been less than 30 days. I am not sure about you but when something is purchased as a Christmas present wouldn't you assume it wouldn't be opened until Christmas? OBVIOUSLY making it less than 30 days old! Even the place we purchased the computer went with that idea, they gave you 14 days from Christmas. Unfortunately we didn't take it back the night it actually really started acting bad or we would have made the 14 days.

But that was no longer the issue it wasn't really HH Gregg's fault that this computer was messed up. I think they assume that they are given a good computer from the company. So I really don't hate them, the people I was hating were the "technical support" at EMachines. See they had zero to offer me and refused to offer me anything other than paying out of my pocket and shipping it back for like I said and undetermined amount of time while they figure out the problem.

I was so mad I had to hang up on more than one person for fear of going to jail for threatening someone's life! I told Shane he needed to call them and get something solved before I lost my mind. So he worked on figuring it out.

He decided that maybe he could just get a new hard drive and install it, it would be ALOT quicker than them fixing it and would probably cost about the same as shipping it back. But first he decided to call them and demand they send him a new hard drive and see if that worked. Amazingly it worked they agreed to send him a blank hard drive with only an operating system on it (he demanded windows 7 instead of Vista we will see what happens with that). But unfortunately that is all that will be on it, it didn't originally have much, but you would think they could atleast throw in Office or something for our troubles, but what ever. I will just be glad when it actually arrives and Shane can get my computer back to me. We will deal with getting all the other stuff on it later.

So now here I sit at Wyatt's little desk in a very uncomfortable little chair typing out this post. But I had to post this because I promised the unhelpful and basically rude guy I spoke to at EMachines I would ;) I promised to let everyone know how I was "helped" when I had a problem with their product. Their product that we had already spent more than enough of our hard earned money on when purchasing it. Their product that he really basically didn't care wasn't working for me and that he didn't care what kind of problem that was for me.

So hopefully the new hard drive will arrive with Windows 7 on it and will work for a long, long time and I will never again have to deal with their "technical support". While we are on the topic of support why oh why can I not get someone locally, as in this country to help me when I call? Why when I call 6 separate times in 2 days do I continue to get someone whom I can not understand and who doesn't really seem to understand me? Can someone please tell me this.

enough of my ranting, I will be back soon I hope with good news.

Friday, January 8, 2010

So it snowed


Not Really.

Wyatt and Abby did drive me nuts though wanting to go out in the cold to play in the "snow". So finally about 2:00 we bundled up and went out to play in the frigid weather.

I mean how sad is that? There was enough to make some snow balls, but not a snow angel-which is exactly what Abby wanted to do. I thought about taking a picture of her in the "snow" trying to make a snow angel and email it to the weather people at all the local channels with a caption of "You should be ashamed of yourselves!"

Wyatt was happy to have another day off from school today "due to the weather!"-only weather I know of is the frigid temps outside,they say some roads were slick but my neighborhood roads were completely dry so not sure about that.

It is terribly cold outside but that isn't anything new like I said the other day it has been horribly cold here for many, many days now. Current temp outside my door is 20!

So between xmas break and snow he has only been to school 2 days since Dec. 17th!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

just a little FYI

Our weather men and women suck

I think maybe I should try my hand at it, I mean how hard is it?? They have 1 job-Predicting the weather and that is it!!

EVERY single school system in middle TN shut down today because they had told us the snow was coming and lots of it by early in the morning right when school would be starting.

Do you know what we woke to today??? NOTHING!!!

While watching the news Tuesday night we were so excited finally cold and precipitation were gonna meet and we were gonna get lots of the fluffy white stuff-inches and inches of it we were told by before mentioned weather people.

it is now 11:45 and finally something is falling but they have dramatically reduced the prediction to about an inch! WTH an inch? that stinks & is hardly worth the bundling of children that takes forever and causes many meltdowns-on my part not theirs.

Anyways still keep your fingers crossed that something happens here.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back to the real world and dang it's cold

no more holidays, no more vacation from work, no more vacation from school.

It was back to reality yesterday when the girls I watch showed back up for the first time in 11 days! yep I had 11 straight days off. Well not completely; I did still have my kids that expected to be fed and taken care of. But it was nice to get to sleep in all those days.

Unfortunately today was back to school, which stunk in many ways. Not only did I have to wake up early, but I had to actually get out of my pajamas and leave the house! and considering it was only 10 frigid degrees outside this morning when we left that made it even worse.

The weather here has been whack, not sure when the last time we were above freezing or even out of the 20's. I think the warmest temp this week is 34. Remember people we are not in the frozen north here, this is the south it is kinda cold here but not frozen. Our weather man even said that four letter "s" word! So keep your fingers crossed for us poor folks here in the south who get all bent out of shape when we get an inch or two