Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring means baseball

Baseball season is gonna keep us busy this spring with both of them playing. Just this week in a span of 7 days we have some sort of baseball thing 5 days. 2 practices, 1 scrimmage and 3 games! yep we are living at the ballfield. But I have to admit it is fun, well for now at least, ask me around mid May when I am so tired and my head hurts from trying to keep up with their schedules.

Abby had her first game last night and let me tell ya it was fun and interesting. 13 four year olds in a dugout and on a field can get a little hairy. At one point at the end of the game I am pretty sure all the outfield were laying on the ground or playing in the dirt:)

Abby did great, she had two really good hits and ran fast! She was paying attention and stopping balls although once she wasn't quite sure what to do with it once she got it:)

Assigned seating is a must in a dugout of 4yr olds or 7yr olds for that matter, we learned this a long time ago. Now getting them to read their names and stay in their seats is another thing.

Ready to go hit

Big Hitter!

My little second baseman, yep that's right a girl playing in the infield infact both of the girls are playing in the infield and give those boys a run for their money.

We have 2 games on Saturday let hope the rain holds off.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break

Well our spring break is over and it wasn't always so "spring" like. The weather was real hit or miss. Wednesday was the prettiest and warmest day so we headed out of town. We went to Fall Creek Falls, we love taking little trips just to get a change in scenery.

It was so pretty there and since it was during the week and still early in the season it was pretty much empty.

Notice the bridge in this one, I wasn't so sure about this thing. Made me just a wee bit nervous, especially when Shane was letting Abby walk ahead of him without holding her hand.

I will say we did get out workout in this day, that is one heck of a hike down to the bottom and back up from the falls. I was proud of my kids for doing it with no hesitation or complaints on the way back up, cause trust me the way back up is not easy.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wordful Wednesday

Friday was a gorgeous day so we took full advantage of it and went to the playground.

I am glad cause the weather took a turn for the worse and Sunday and Monday were nasty, cold and rainy. Today was better and tomorrow will be even better than today. I was reading another blog and she quoted that famous Forrest Gump line in relation to their weather and I feel the same about TN weather. Our weather is like a box of chocolates you never know what your gonna get!

This week is Wyatt's spring break from school so we r trying to make the best of it!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Something for nothing

Everybody knows the saying "The Cheaper the Better" but how about "The Cheaper the Better, but Free is Fantastic"

It's no secret I love me a good deal and I seek out good deals all the time. I have become a coupon guru and can't wait to see my savings at the bottom of my Publix receipt.

But I am talking about FREE today, as in you pay nothing, zilch, zero! I love free samples of things and it makes my day to go out to my mailbox and there be something good in there cause lets face it all those bills get old.

here is a pic of just what has come in the past few days!

there is:
Crest white strips (2 of them)
Gold Bond hand sanitizer
Nicorete (yep hate to admit it but hubby has a small nicotine habit we r trying to break, and this wasn't the first sample of this he already chewed the other box)
Kashi Heart to Heart cereal
Colgate Pro clinical
Burts toothpaste
Axe shower gel (OMG this stuff smells awesome)
Pantene shampoo-notice this is a FULL size bottle
Olay body wash

when I check the mail and Wyatt sees a box he says "what did you get for free today?" because they come that often.

There are tons of others that I have already used. I got coupons for a free box of Oreo cakesters and a coupon for a free Digiorno 200 calorie pizza. There has also been rolls of toilet paper, and yesterday I printed a couple of coupons for free cheese, and seeing as how Abby usually eats cheese in some form everyday this one is gonna come in handy!

I also got all of my Christmas cards for Free 50 photo cards to be exact

and Abby's birthday invites

Here are a few websites that will get you free things:
Vocal Point
I get free things all the time from them-that Pantene shampoo came from there, and yesterday I signed up for some Puffs tissues

And this one is where I got the Digiorno coupon and the Oreo Cakester coupon. I should have a coupon for Philadelphia cream cheese coming also.
Kraft First Taste

And these are a few of my favorite "frugal" sites, these ladies are the ones who usually clue me into the deals.
Sheri at SwagGrabber-my fav and most frequented
Southern Savers she does alot of grocery deals
4Hats is a girl I chat with some online she just posted today how she got FREE baby furniture! now that is a deal

And have any of you signed up for SwagBucks? it is a great thing you just use them for your search just like you would Google but it will earn you points and those points will earn you things like gift cards to your favorite store. There are lots of other fun ways to earn points this is just the easiest and requires little work. I currently have 3 Amazon cards and am almost to a fourth I am looking to get a laptop bag, which will end up being free using my GC I earned from Swagbucks.

So there ya go, get out there and get some free stuff!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Writer's Workshop-it's starting to look alot like spring around here

Wow it's been a long time since I have gotten in on a Writer's Workshop with Kat but this week I couldn't resist #5

5.) Share some photos and stories as well as what you love about spring.

See it is really starting to feel like Spring around here. The weather has been warm for days, I am scared to write this because I know it is sure to jinx it all and bring on a terrible cold snap.

Spring around here means lots of things will be happening, no more cabin fever!

There are many favorite things about the warm weather, but almost everyday we will be spending time in the garden. It is a definite obsession, mainly on the hubs parts he pours lots of hours into that thing. I do love digging in the dirt and going out to my backyard and picking something to cook for dinner, I mean seriously you can NOT get any fresher than that.

Monday my dad came down with his tractor and broke up the garden. Shane was out there that evening planting:) we now have onions, lettuce and peas with tons more to come.

After my dad was done, he took Abby for a ride around the yard.

And what little girl could resist a dig in the fresh dirt?

notice the shorts and tshirt? aren't those of you in the still frozen north jealous?:)

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordful Wednesday

What makes you happy? Isn't it funny how through out your life what makes you happy changes SO dramatically.

Is it sad that the highlight of my day Friday was coming home from yet another car rider line trip to see the big delivery truck sitting infront of my house and getting all giddy?

When they left I was left with this

First thing Saturday morning hubby was working on getting it in. I even left dishes in the sink Friday afternoon after emptying the old one I refused to wash another load in it.

this is what my life has become. When I signed up for this sahm mommy thing I never would have thought the highlight of my day would be getting a new dishwasher delivered and then eagerly awaiting hubby to install it.

Don't get me wrong, I love my job (well most days). It is just priorities change when you become a wife, mother and home owner. They change in ways you never saw coming.

Now off to look at kitchen faucets online-who knew they are SO expensive, WTH is up with that?

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Well this past weekend we headed back to Jackson, TN. Luckily the weather cooperated more this year than it did last year. We were prepared for the worse this year though and took lots of extra warm clothes just in case.

We went down for another hunt test for our dog, but this time it was Suzie. Who technically is Wyatt's dog. She ended up doing a fantastic job and passed her tests on both Saturday and Sunday.

Gotta give a shoutout to a bloggy friend for fixing this picture for me. She was able to green up the grass and take multiple things out of the background that I didn't want in the picture. She did a fantastic job.

The kids had a blast getting to see all the other dogs and even got to get in on the action a little with a Junior Handler test. We had also taken Jet so the kids ran her in their tests. They were extactic to get trophies for job well done.

They also had a little fun test on Saturday for fastest dog and we knew Jet was fast and this test was just up her alley. On top of that she had been locked up most of the day and had all kinds of pent up energy. She blew the other dogs away and only 1 was close to her but was over a second behind.

On Sunday morning they had a little waiting time during a part of the test and Abby was out there talking about wanting to have a dog when she gets bigger. Another guy heard and offered up one his dog for her to run thru a test. She just loved it and was so cute. When handing out ribbons after the test she was surprised by the judges with her own ribbon.

and I just to include this one cause dang she's cute

she got lots of compliments on her blue flower boots!

We had a great time even pushed thru our illnesses. Oh I didn't mention the illnesses? oh it was such a great week last week having Wyatt home from school four days hacking and running a fever. So great infact the little germ even infected both me and Abby. We were down pretty bad on Thursday and Friday but had started to rebound by Saturday. We are all 3 still coughing away like a chain smoker but hopefully that will get the heck out of here sooner rather than later since baseball practice starts this week!!

Yep baseball is about to start up again and we will be busy as ever with both of them playing. This means multiple practices a week and games. But I am excited to get the seasons going. Plus I can NOT wait to see Abby out there playing, she tried on her baseball pants the other day and omg is all I can say, just wait trust me there will be plenty of pics.