Monday, February 28, 2011

Wordful Wednesday-Arkansas youth hunt

Back a few weeks ago Shane and Wyatt headed down to Arkansas again, this time though it was a youth only hunt which meant Shane would not get to do any hunting but would get to sit back and watch. Joining them also was one of the Dr's Shane works with and his 2 daughters. The kids had a great time, shot lots of shotgun shells and a few ducks. Shane declared that it was one of the best hunts he had ever been on, seeing that he has been to Arkansas many times and loves to hunt but didn't actually get to hunt this is saying alot.

Suzie and Jet enjoyed hanging with one of their favorite guys

And Suzie got to practice some of her skills

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordful Wednesday-She's got some new sparkle

A little over a week ago Abby went thru a sorta right of passage for all little girls. She got her ears pierced!! It sorta came out of the blue since just a few months ago she had proclaimed she would never get her ears pierced after she heard how they did it. But something changed not sure what but she suddenly started asking for it, and asking hard. She even tried to get me to sneak her to get it done while her daddy was out of town since she thought he would say no:) I made her wait it out though and after lots of talking about it and her promising to be brave and to let me clean them as much as I needed we set the date.

She was SOOO brave! They did both ears at the same time and to tell you the truth I think I was more scared than she was, she was just so excited. They counted to 3 and it was done, she didn't even shed 1 tear, not one scream nothing she just sat there with this look of great pride on her face:)

After getting it done and browsing the mall some more we headed home and when we got in the van she said "I am SO proud of myself" I couldn't help but laugh at that.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordful Wednesday-many years ago

This past Christmas Shane and I had another celebration in the back of our minds. See he and I met on Christmas night and this past Christmas marked 16yrs that we had been together. So I got to thinking about something kinda funny, since I had just turned 16 a little while before we met I knew soon there would come a day that I had had him in my life longer than I had been without him in my life.

I spent 16yr 2months 7days with out him, not knowing that just the very next day I would meet the love of my life, my soul mate, my best friend.

When we met I didn't think "wow there he is, the man I will marry someday" but afterall I was only 16. We had our first date the very next day, and after a little while we were inseparable.

1996 my senior prom

We had our ups and downs over the next few years but we stuck it out and a little over 5yrs later we made it official.

Then we had kids and the real fun began!

Now with all that being said I need a favor from everyone in blog land that is reading this. Tomorrow he will be having shoulder surgery and will be at the mercy of his surgeon and anesthesiologist while I sit and wait. He wouldn't admit being nervous if he is but I will be, so think some good thoughts for us tomorrow. While I have almost had him in my life longer than I have been without him, it's not long enough!

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Monday, February 7, 2011

She turned 5

So I have slacked and haven't posted any about Abby's birthday I just finally uploaded some pics to my computer and saw all the stuff I needed to post about but figured I better get to her birthday first.

She started the day with some yummy heart shaped muffins made by mommy

That night we went to dinner at our favorite pizza place and enjoyed her lady bug cake.

Then a little over a week later she got to have a party with her friends at the local bouncy place. It was a huge hit with the kids and they had a blast running around like crazy people.

they had a huge throne for the Princess

Sharing the throne with her best bud

I decided to brave out making her cake again this year and with the help of hubs on the polka dots I think it turned out pretty good. She designed it herself, she wanted a pink Rapunzel cake :)