Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Santa must have gotten good reports from Jingles

Because OMG he spoiled my kids.

They got so much stuff and I took so many pictures but I don't think I got it all, it was a bit crazy around here. There was paper flying everywhere and Wyatt tore thru his stuff in a matter of minutes.

Wyatt's 2 biggies were a bike and a Bearded Dragon-his name is Spike:)

A few of her with her loot-notice the Vera Bradley purse? oh yea daddy also spoils her.

the dogs even got a little xmas surprise

they all got huge bones!

Then we were onto clean up and trying to clear a space for the grandparents. We had an awesome late morning breakfast with them (Abby was my big helper and cut up fruit for fruit salad) and then they unloaded with their loot.

Abby got some dress up clothes, movies, an easel, a Cinderella's castle snow globe and lots more

Wyatt got a tv, legos, an alarm clock and tons more!

The fam

notice the jammies? yea we stayed in them all day!! it was great. After the grandparents left we sorted thru the chaos and tried to see what they had gotten. We laid around and were lazy for the rest of the day, well until dinner time. We started a new tradition a few years ago of just us four having a nice big dinner. This year Wyatt had requested crab legs:) Sounded good to us so I made those with some yummy steaks, home made mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and rolls. It was SOO good and we were so stuffed afterwards.

Oh yea and Christmas also holds a little extra special place in my heart. It is the night that Shane and I met 15 years ago!!

We had a great 2009 and can't wait to see what next year hold in store for us!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So Christmas is Over

and my house is finally starting to resemble a house again! It took many hours to get their rooms back to a semi normal state of where you can actually walk in there but I finally did find a place for it all.

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We went to Shane's aunt and uncles on xmas eve. There were some extra family members this year and it was great, lots of loud kids running around and lots of pics were taken.

Almost all the Great Grandkids with Granddad this was the first Christmas without Nano, missing are Shane's sister's 2 boys

Shane left a few minutes before us so that he could run by his moms house on the way home and pick up the gifts we had stashed there. He got home, promptly hid them and sent me the all clear text. I picked up the pace and we got on home so that we could get going on Christmas eve fun.

First we fed the reindeer

then were hurried in to track Santa with Norad

we all got new xmas jammies, every year this is the only gift they get to open on Christmas eve.

Shane read some Christmas stories that of course ended with The Night Before Christmas.

Cookies and milk were left out for Santa and a cookie for Jingles and off to bed for them. Threats of do NOT get out of your bed until we wake you were made.

We waited a few minutes for them to be all snug in their beds and then the elves scurried around trying to prepare for the awesomeness that they would find when they awoke the next morning. Unfortunately for us threats weren't taken seriously and we were seriously close to being busted. Wyatt woke up and luckily Shane heard him just as he was unlocking his door (yes I locked them in their rooms, don't judge!) and he ran back to intercept him just in time. He said he thought it was morning, it was only 10:30! THANKFULLY we had not sat his big gift by the tree yet and everything was still in the kitchen, the stockings were down and we had already disposed of Santa's cookies but we don't think he noticed, at least he didn't say anything. So Shane decided it was best if he sat lookout while I the lone elf finished everything. Which actually meant he would sit in his chair and watch Christmas Vacation, which just happens to be the best Christmas movie ever!

Not sure what time we finally made it to bed but I do know it was late. we vow every year we will have the stuff ready so we don't have so much to do that night but every year we are up til the wee hours trying to finish it all.

We woke up super early because I was scared they would wake up without us and come out of their rooms. They were surprisingly easy to wake!

Santa had come!!

more to come later

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Have you come down from the Christmas high yet??

My kids are are in a toy/chocolate coma as we speak. I think my house will never be the same not sure where all of this stuff is gonna go but I do know that it has to get out of my living room and find a place that is out of my sight cause I am getting a headache looking at all the STUFF.

I am excited to say that this post is being typed on my very own brand spanking new laptop!!! I am still playing with it trying to figure it out and it will take me forever to get all my stuff moved over but I am just happy that I don't have to share and fight over my computer anymore and Wyatt and Abby can have free reign (well to an extent) with the other one.

So no pictures I haven't uploaded them yet but I did take tons! so those will be following soon.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A little Daddy, Abby time

This year we decided Abby had to get to see the Nutcracker. I had told Shane I wanted to take her to see it to which he replied to me "that is a father/daughter thing." Ok that is fine let it be a father/daughter thing but can mommy tag along? I never went to the Nutcracker when I was a little girl and until now I haven't had anyone to go to the Nutcracker with.

Well we got 2 tickets so no mommy tagging along. But I was excited for her because she was so excited to get to go. Even if she didn't really know what it was. She just knew there would be ballerinas and a nutcracker-she has become obsessed with nutcrackers and points them out every chance she gets. If you asks her what a nutcracker says she will proudly tell you "hey you give me a nut so I can crack it"-yes she is that cute and funny

Here she is just before they left. She was very excited to get to wear her new dress

Daddy bought her a new Christmas ornament-she loves it and it is now front and center on our tree

After the show Wyatt and I met them at Pappy and Mindy's house for a breakfast for dinner. I would not let the kids open any gifts since it is not yet Christmas and I am mean like that, so they got some small little fun goodies to keep them happy until Christmas morning.

Abby soon found out how fun it was to twirl around in her pretty new dress and she proceeded to do this alot:)

I managed to get one good pic of all four of us, notice son's lack of nice shirt I promise I do dress him better it is just, well he is a boy and ya know it is so painful to stay in a nice button up shirt for to long!

Monday, December 21, 2009

U still have time!

It's is not quite time for panic just yet, you still have a couple days so don't freak out.

I love making goodies to give away this time of the year and this year has been no different. I haven't fished all my goody making just yet, gotta make a couple other things like those all important cookies for Santa, that will be done maybe tomorrow. Wyatt's school xmas party was Friday so I had to get some of the stuff done so I could put together a little basket for his teacher and her TA, both of which we LOVE.

Abby was my little helper last week during the treat making.

First we made these cute little chocolate jollies, recipe was courtesy of Southern Plate

Super Easy and super cheap! especially if you buy the chocolate chips and dried cranberries on sale and with coupons:)

Once the chocolate chips are melted (in the microwave) dump in a bag of dried cranberries and stir it up. Drop spoonfuls into cupcake papers and let sit til dry-I mean seriously could it be easier?

bag them up tie with a ribbon-BAM you are done!

there are lots of different ways to make these and she gives some other ideas, I may try some with milk chocolate and something else.

Then I made some peanut brittle, I didn't let her help with this one cause truthfully I was worried about some serious burns from it, but she did watch. I take that back I think she dumped in the vanilla but that was it, well until it needed to be dipped in chocolate.

I found this recipe a couple years ago on Kraft Foods it is also a super easy one. Just need to be a bit careful with the molten lava that is the sugar and corn syrup when it comes from the microwave:)

once it sits and gets hard I break it up into bite size pieces then dip it into chocolate. Yes chocolate makes everything better!

here's Abby my helper in the chocolate department. The recipe I have tells you to put some creamy peanut butter into the melted chocolate.

then dip away and yes you must wear your super cute apron that is courtesy of Aunt Michele

set them on wax paper and let it dry

I put some tissue paper down into little chinese take out looking boxes that I bought from Target $1 spot, very cute and once again easy and cheap.

now the next one is also easy. Buy some pretzel sticks they can be big or small what ever you like. I went with these medium size ones this year. Dip the ends into melted chocolate-yes chocolate again, I told you it makes everything better! Then the possibilities are endless. Crush some Oreo cookies (I used the Christmas ones with red filling), any type of cookie sprinkles, chop some peanuts, or drizzle white chocolate over dark chocolate.

it is messy and fun! you will have sprinkles sticking to your feet for days!

also wrap these up into some of those clear treat bags (I have tons because I buy them on clearance after the season because I use them so much).

Still to make:
Your run of the mill fun Christmas sugar cookies-I mean what is Santa gonna eat if I don't make these?
and these ball cookies that I make every year. It is just a roll of sugar cookie dough, cocoa powder mixed together. Then roll into balls, dip into powdered sugar and bake. While baking throw some red and green sugar into the powdered sugar. When they come out cool for just a bit then roll into the sugar mix again.

I always get lots of compliments on all of this and everything is so easy and cheap. Great last minute gifts or if you just wanna make yourself some goodies.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Some favorites

OMG he was so tiny and so cute

once again we have some serious cuteness

new one from our trip to Outer Banks, NC this past summer

beach trip 09, I get one every year we go:)

These are just a few of my favorites. There are many, many more including ones that were mine when I was little.

A favorite is a porcelain shoe from my first Christmas. The funny part is that it says Baby (insert my maiden name) 1978. Which is VERY weird on many levels-I was born in October did I not have a name by Christmas? Or did who ever make this for my parents just not know my name? They were close enough to them to make me an ornament for my first Christmas but not close enough to catch my name in over 2mths?? Really

Monday, December 7, 2009

O Christmas Tree!

Friday night we loaded up and went in search for a Christmas tree. We were lucky and found the perfect one for our family.

the annual picture by our choice

Since it was SOO cold out Friday night on the way home we stopped by a new little coffee shop and warmed our selves with a Mocha, Caramel Apple Cider and Hot Chocolate. -YUM

Last night we finally got around to decorating it. I am loving it and as you can see so is Jingles:) he usually like to hang out up top.

Now to just get some things wrapped and put under there! Hopefully I can get that done tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wow I guess I have a little catching up to do

So Thanksgiving has come and gone. We had a great time with family, we were very excited that Shane's sister was able to come home this year. See she wasn't able to make it home for Shane's Nano's funeral because she had been hit by the piggy-YES that pig:) this was the first Thanksgiving she had been home in a while so it was fun.

On a little side note just after she had gotten over her little bought with piggy flu she accomplished a MAJOR task. She ran a marathon! That's right all 26.2 miles of it! I could never. But she did it and survived to speak of it.

I got out on Black Friday (with kids!) and braved the crowds; not a 2am or anything crazy like that. I waited til all the crazy people went home and back to bed. Got a few things but did alot of it online from the comfort of my chair.

Over the weekend it started to look alot like Christmas around here-More to come on that later.

Last night we met Pappy and Mindy for a little Predators hockey. I know most of you know how much we like hockey and really enjoy going to the games.

Then last night after going to bed look who showed up!!

Yep that's right Jingles made his annual journey from the North Pole to spend the month of December with our family. He will also help keep and eye on the kiddos for Santa and if the kids have been good the day before, he will leave them a little something the next morning. Every morning he will be hiding in a new place for them to find. Mostly up high to keep little fingers off him so he doesn't lose his magic!