Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patch time

Yesterday we took our annual trip to the Walden Pumpkin patch. We have been going since Wyatt was just a few months old. I love to look back at the old pics from every trip and how much they have grown from year to year.

It was an absolutely Gorgeous day. Sunny and 70 something. We met some friends there and fun was had by all. We saw lots of baby animals, fed some of those baby animals, played in the corn, and ate a Yummy sliced apple covered in warm, melted caramel. Then we went home and did some manual labor outside (which was not as fun).

I had to include some pictures from the past

This is Wyatt at just about 3mths in 2002

A year later 2003; Notice how much lighter his hair color is?


2005-really looking like a big boy

2006-Finally Abby gets to go. She was 9mths old (click to make it bigger)

2007-Wyatt thinks he is getting to old for the posing for pics

And finally Yesterday


Tabi said...

Great pictures!! Looks like you had fun!! Too bad you had to go home and do some work! BLAH!

jenn3 said...

Love the pictures. Looks fun. We went to a pumpkin patch yesterday also, but there were hardly any pumpkins left, so I didn't get to take any pictures of Shiloh with lots of pumpkins. I did take pictures, but I haven't posted them yet.

Oh, and when we go to the Preds games we sit wherever we can get tickets. Since last year we've only been buying tickets as we need them, because my sister moved to Atlanta and I only go when they go, so I don't get to go as often. Saturday we sat in the 300s (nosebleed section). It was close to cell block 305, but I don't remember exactly. Maybe 310? We bought tickets to the Redwings game the day after Christmas, but that's the only other game we have tickets for right now. I hope to go to a couple after the new year, but it depends on my sister and brother in law.

Elizabeth said...

Dont you just love those caramel apples! It was like 50 degrees when we went the other night but we still had to get one of those with some ice cream on top. YUM!

Lipstick said...

Beautiful pictures!!

Thanks for your visit today!

Just The Girl said...

Left you something on my blog...Thursday!