Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wordful Wednesday-big hitter

Baseball is still in full swing, the four year old Diamondbacks are a team to be feared!

On opening day they had an airbrush guy there, well every good baller has gotta have a great helmet.

your not getting tired of the baseball pics r you?

good, cause I am not getting tired of taking them-cause dang she is cute in that uniform.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

The bird has gotta go

I am pretty sure it is illegal to shoot the dang thing seeing as it is our state bird. But they can't proove anything if the cat eats him!

Don't you love the car alarmness of it?

Not sure if u recognize the obnoxiousness of it, but it is infact a Mocking Bird. He does this on a regular basis ALL night long. I have been up in the middle of the night and heard him, this was taken just before bed and I ended up turning the fan on as to try to drown out his sound.

Monday, April 19, 2010

We need a rewind on Sunday

yea it was a pretty craptastic Sunday. It started bad with Shane needing 6 stitches and ended ever worse with a trip to the ER.

I am proof that there is a good reason for a recent law. Texting/driving-NO NO

This is the result one one very stupid lady. I had been behind her and watched her swerving all over the place, I had passed her a while back. I got to my neighborhood stopped to turn in and saw her coming and could tell she was NOT slowing down, I hit the gas to turn to try to get away from her but she caught my back drivers side. I spun and ended up in a front yard facing the opposite direction from what I was going.

But little did we know that Shane's accident would be a blessing in disguise. See I had to go to the grocery yesterday and had planned on doing it with both children because he was not gonna be home. But while helping the farmer where he hunts he was cut and had to go get stitched up. Thus leading to him being home and me going to the grocery store alone. I am NEVER alone at the grocery, Abby always goes with me, I just am thanking God that she was not in the car with me when this happened.

I am OK just really sore today, I did go to the ER last night and got all check out with xrays and a CT of my head, since something had knocked me in the head-what I have no clue. I was wearing my seat belt and I know this is the reason I was not injured more seriously, my driver's seat was somehow broken.

so now the question of the day is What kind of car do I want:)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

wordful Wednesday-Good daddy/son QT

Wyatt and Shane had some great daddy/son quality time in the woods the other day. They went turkey hunting Sunday afternoon and even though they didn't walk away with a trophy to show for their time in the woods I did hear that it was SO much fun. They had some come in and Wyatt shot at one but he was lucky and got away with just some ruffled feathers.

I absolutely love that Shane and Wyatt are making all these wonderful memories together and I hope that they will always be very close and will both continue to share the love of the outdoors together.

On the way out of the woods Shane snapped this picture of Wyatt

It almost makes me want to cry he looks so big and grown up, every day my baby boy is little less baby and a little more grown up:(

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Take me out to the ballpark

Saturday was opening day at the park, it may have started off yucky and rainy but soon the rain moved out and it turned into a gorgeous day.

Both Wyatt and Abby had a game that day, so since I had them both in their uniforms I had to snap a picture of them looking so cute.

I mean seriously how great is that?

My second baseman

he played an awesome game, he is really loving baseball and hanging out at the park with his friends. He has really came into his own since fall ball. They had a game last night and the entire team looked great they were making some great plays and really looking like the big guys out there.

Abby's game ended up being moved to Saturday evening she played great and ended up with the game ball!

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Beautiful Easter

I am pretty sure this is the most beautiful Easter Sunday we have had in a long time, you never know what the weather will be around here this early in April. We had some of those April showers Saturday morning which caused Abby's game to be postponed to that evening which led us to another late night at the ball park.

The easter bunny spoiled them as usual and left them baskets filled with lots of candy and some movies-which a certain easter bunny "helper" got an AWESOME deal on a couple weeks ago. Toy Story 1 and 2 (dvd and blueray together in one box) on sale $22ish a pc, then I got $10off for buying them both automatically, then I had a $10 off coupon for both of them! Plus they have a voucher for a free ticket to see Toy Story 3 in each box! So that's 2 movies, and 2 movie tickets for about $15.

but back to the real reason for my post...

The easter bunny left lots of eggs outside for them

Notice all the trees and flowers that are in full on gorgeous bloom? Have I mentioned I love Spring?

The we went to MIL's house for a yummy lunch and more spoiling of the kids. Where I managed to get a few pics of the kiddos looking all pretty and handsome.