Friday, July 31, 2009

The big 200!!

I can't believe I just looked at my post numbers and there it sat at 199!

I wish I had some big thing planned like a big giveaway but who am I kidding no body gives me cool stuff to give away. Well I do have one thing (a review) that I promised to do and there will be something small but that requires some thought and planning which my brain is just not up to tonight.

I wasn't sure when I started this thing a little over a year ago how far it would go, but I am glad I am still around and have some followers who actually comment on my ramblings. I have "met" great ladies that I wish didn't live on the other side of the country and world from me, because I know we could be crazy together if we ever got to meet IRL.

I've got some crazy busy times coming up soon-we leave for vacation again next week, then jump straight back to school, which the thought of the schedule makes me nauseous, and baseball has also began and that will be 2 games a week plus 1 practice on the weekends.

So thanks for sticking around here and helping me get to the big 200!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Writer's Workshop Thursday

It's been a long time since I have jumped in on the game but there were some good prompts this week so I had to join in, after all I know you guys are sick of hearing about our awesome beach vacation.

The Prompts:

1.) Who made you red hot this week? It's been a pretty good week so far so I have stayed relatively calm.

2.) A day in your life...recap.
really it is pretty boring. Let's recap a normal stay home do nothing (yea right) day.
7am out of bed after almost an hour of Shane hitting the snooze-yes it is obnoxious but I have no control it's on his side. I let the dog out to pee, yes I know I said she was not my responsibility but I hate to wake the beast aka Wyatt to let her out.
I make some sort of breakfast for the hubs and kiss him bye.
Kids that I get paid for show up and the fun begins;) changing diapers, making bottles, wiping butts, naps, lunch, more diapers etc-I know very glamorous
They leave around 4:30ish then I try to figure some sort of dinner that the entire family will eat, since I am not a short order cook I fix one dinner and one dinner only!
Evenings are my favorite part of the day since hubs is home and I am down to 2 kids we usually lay in the hammock, check out the garden and do some sort of work, practice a little baseball and generally be lazy.
Bedtime comes somewhere between 8&9 for the kiddos then I get to play on the internet uninterrupted. bed time comes then it is repeat, repeat, repeat for the rest of the week.

3.) What decision are you having a hard time making?
It use to be are we done having kids, but I think that one has finally been decided. Having someone else's baby during the day helps with the baby fever and I get to give her back at the end of the day. Babies really complicate things so if I can talk hubs into a permanent fix we are officially done.

4.) How will you enjoy your last days of freedom (aka summer)?
I can't believe it is almost over here. I dread the whole school routine starting up again. This week is lazy maybe I will be inspired to make him do some sort of school work so I can make sure his brain hasn't turned to mush these last few weeks of nonstop tv, leggos, DS games, and computer time. BUT then next week we are off on a mini vacation!! back to the beach for us!!!!! I am SOOO excited to get to do the beach 2 times this summer, I would seriously stay for weeks if I could. We will leave next Wednesday and return on Sunday-I hope no one goes crazy on this trip as it will be a house full of people including 4 kids, oh I hope they behave. Then on Monday he has registration at school then back on Wednesday.

5.)List your 7 most favorite summer items!
I am sure there are many things but I am drawing a blank right now.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

Yea I can never just post a pic without talking about it, so wordful Wednesday's are right up my alley.

We finally had Wyatt's bday party this past weekend, he really is lucky and usually gets to celebrate multiple times. We did a bowling party with his friends and he had a great time, so did Abby and all the friends. Even though I ordered the chocolate cupcakes that he requested Wyatt didn't eat a single one of them, but he did help himself to the Star Wars rings on the top. He really is weird and if he wasn't a spitting image of his dad I would say he was switched at birth.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

So I gave you a break

But now that break is over.

I can not leave out these pics they are just too good.

Abby had a bathing suit for everyday we were there. I absolutely love buying bathing suits for her because it is so much more fun than buying one for myself. Mainly since I never have to worry if she is gonna look fat or her butt is to big for it.

This was me playing with the settings on my camera

We did not do any dressed up posing this year, it was not my idea but the idea of my grouch of a hubs who hates doing it every year. We did snap a few the last evening we were there and I have to admit they are pretty good.

then we just started fooling around

don't you love my totem pole?

This has to be one of my favorites of them together.

I was so proud of him for holding her on his shoulders.

This was not my idea!

yea it is really high up on his shoulders and I thought for sure he was gonna drop me getting me back to the ground. How dumb would I have looked going to the hospital for a broke arm from getting off my hubs shoulders? Wyatt took this pic BTW which explains why it looks like we are in the sky:)

And then when daddy says it is the last day and we have to leave soon and no one wants to leave what do you do???

Why you bury him of course, he can't drive home if he is buried in the sand!

This was a sad walk it was the last morning :(, yes we always go to the beach on our last morning, I have to soak up every minute I can get!

and yes my beach really is that awesome that there is hardly anyone on it! this is one of the many reasons we love this place. Those tracks are from the turtle patrol as we call them, they drive back and forth all night long looking for turtle's nests. They dig them up and move them back further on the beach, and don't dare think about touching one they don't mess around when it comes to their turtles or their dunes!:)

The last time my feet were in the ocean, well the Gulf that is, they will be in the not as pretty Atlantic very soon.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A little break from beach pics

Yes go ahead tell me how crazy I am, I can take it I am a big girl and I've got my big girl panties on.

This is what came home to join us yesterday.

But dang ain't she cute? She is lucky that she is cute considering the 4am wake up call she gave us and again at 6am.

I am pretty sure when that 4am call comes tonight Wyatt will be answering it instead of Shane! That little you know what slept soundly thru all of it.

She is the granddaughter of our old man Drake. Her mom is a puppy from Drake and Mossy who is no longer with us may she rest in peace, all though I don't think as crazy as she was there is any peace in dogie heaven:) So we are keeping it in the family.

I think she has a name, that is til Shane changes his mind. Drake's Little Suzie, Suzie for short. Drake is a boy duck and Suzie is a girl duck so it is fitting, Shane is a duck hunter hence the duck reference. Now don't say I never taught you anything!

We keep thinking we don't have much more time with Drake which really makes me very sad, so having this girl to carry on his legacy makes me happy. Drake was our baby before we were married and had babies.

Shane has big plans for her and Wyatt, she is technically Wyatt's dog.

So who is keeping track?? If you have lost count let me help you. 2 cats, it could have been 3 but the neighbor still feeds my old cat and he never comes home:) 1 inside dog- Zeus the French Bulldog (who is currently snoring beside me), 2 Labradors that live outside, and now Suzie who for the time is inside and outside, but it will wear quickly on my nerves and she will be joining Jet and Granddad outside soon! Oh and the fish, one which went belly up while were were on vacation.

Vacation Wrapup

So I have tried to go thru the over 400 pictures that I took and I think I have weeded out the good ones.

I guess I will start with the wildlife portion of our trip. When went out on the boat a couple of days and snorkeled and fished in the bay. The kids absolutely loved every minute of it, I have to admit I was a bit shocked when they spent 8 hrs out the first day.
(Click the pictures to make them bigger)

On that first trip we found starfish, sand dollars, 2 different puffer fish, sea horses, some big snail thing, blue crabs and while fishing lots of different things were caught including sharks (they were little so no one was in danger of being eaten) oh and a little FYI the scallops and crabs tasted delicious!

Oh and Abby got to drive the boat! We did learn that she shouldn't be a boat captain any time soon, but she does LOVE to go fast.

We went out crab hunting at night more than once, Wyatt was very good at catching those little white guys running across the sand. When we got back we were greeted by our pet who we named Armie:)

The kids just loved him and he must of had some sort of fondness for them since he was outside our house on more than one night when we came back from the beach.

On Saturday we drove to Apalachicola to eat a late lunch and on the way home we saw this guy.

He was just hanging out in a flooded ditch til some guy decided to go all crocodile hunter and jump him. The kids really have zero fear, I just stressed the fact of that the alligator is definitely big enough to take a finger off so stay away from those sharp teeth.

Oh and the best one IMO would have to be the Manatee. We had not been out of the ocean for 20 minutes and Shane was sitting and saw him coming and called me down to the water. I was a bit scared as to what this HUGE black spot could be, but then it got in front of us and it stuck it's big nose up. I took a pic but I will save you the searching for the black spot in the ocean, but trust me it was awesome.

We ate lots of yummy food at our favorite spots.

One night we had a fire on the beach and the kids played with some sparklers left over from the 4th

Wyatt really mastered boogie boarding this year and spent most of his time in the ocean doing that, Abby also loved doubling with Shane or I and catching a wave:)

Yes he is that cool that he boogie boards with his sunglasses on!

Ok so I think that is enough for now I will go thru some more and share them later.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I am home

And I am not the least bit happy about it!

Now I am on the countdown to the next beach 09 trip in 2 weeks!!!!

My children managed to not drive me completely insane on the way down or back, although I did try to bribe a family we met while stopped for gas on the way home to take them. He happened to be wearing a sheriff shirt from our county so he seemed safe enough :) unfortunately they didn't go for it and we were stuck with them the rest of the trip back.

I have over 400 pictures to go thru, so this may take a while.

But I will leave with a little preview.

Our first night there we had Wyatt a birthday party on the beach complete with presents and cupcakes.

I am pretty sure this was the cutest thing on the beach.

Oh and this is just one of her bathing suits-she had one for everyday!!

Just one of our encounters with wildlife-trust me there were tons I will tell you all about them including our "pet" Armie the armadillo!

This was just one of the seahorses we found while snorkeling in the bay.

We had a blast with our friends and their girls, Abby can't get enough of them she loves being the little girls amongst all the big girls. We were very sad to leave them there, they still have 3 more weeks to spend there and yes we were jealous.

Tons of more beach memories were made, ones that you can't put a price tag on. We look forward to our trip down next year for even more awesome times at our favorite spot in the sand.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Just wante to drop in and say it is awesome down here and we are having a great time. I would add some pics but I have taken TONS and hubs would die if I put them all onto his computer:)

We have boated, layed on the beach and ate and drank! The kids have seen more than if we had gone to an aquarium. Including but not limited to-sea horses, crabs, a manatee, sharks, fish, more sand dollars than we would ever know what to do with, and puffer fish!

BTW I may NEVER come home, hope you miss me!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm outta here and Happy Birthday!!

While you are reading this I am in the car on my way to the BEACH!!

pray that I don't go crazy and neither of my children end up on the side of the road somewhere between here and Florida! It would be especially bad if I had to put my little man out seeing as it is his Birthday.

Today is great in two ways. I had planned a great tribute to my guy but here it is almost 10pm and I still need to jump in the bath and shave my legs! So short and sweet is what he will get.

I wrote a sweet post last year read it here

Over the last year he has changed so much and is really growing into a big boy. He blew thru first grade with awesome grades and beyond belief good behavior, he played some more ball and is really loving it still, he has had his first crush (but if you ask him she likes him not the other way around) and the best part-she was a 4th grader!! That's my boy:) and he has been an all around awesome son and big brother (well most of the time).

I can't wait to watch him grow into a man and see what the future holds for him.

Miss me while I am gone, I may jump on occasionally if we can get internet there.

Friday, July 10, 2009

One step closer

We are one step closer to being gone! The dogs left with Shane this morning to go to his work to stay while we are gone to the BEACH!!

It will be so quiet around here for the next couple of days without the 3 crazy dogs.

He really loves riding in the car:)

The dogs always enjoy their vacation to the clinic every year. The big dogs thoroughly enjoy 11 straight days of lounging in the AC instead of the blazing 90's outside at home.

Oh and I think we will also be getting a new addition to the family when we return, it is small and yellow and very cute-go ahead tell me how crazy it is to add yet ANOTHER dog to our zoo. The problem is you can NOT explain this to the oh so cute 7yr old who just has to have one.

Only good thing is I will NOT be in charge of taking care of this little yellow girl. That is Wyatt's job now! I have not fed dogs or scooped dog poop in weeks and it is freaking fantastic!! So be thinking up names for the yellow lab that will soon grace us with her presence.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

She is such a baller

Abby loves playing baseball, every night when we are out she has to get in on the action with daddy and Wyatt.

She will be able to play next spring and she is gonna rock those boys worlds:)

Shane went the other day and got her a bat bag-Pink of course!

here are some videos of her because lets face it, she is just adorable.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Our weekend started Friday night with a trip to our old stomping grounds where we both grew up. My dad does a big BBQ there every year so we went and hung out and let him show off his Very adorable grandkids:) Over the weekend I am pretty sure Shane ate his weight in that BBQ and there is plenty more stashed in my freezer for later. If I thought that smellovision would have been invented soon I would have made a video of the BBQ cooking cause the smell is out of this world good.

We had a nice 4th hanging around the house, running a few errands, and hanging out with friends. We were lucky that the rain held out til after our fireworks show.

here's my "little sparkler" enjoying the night

There was also lots of playing with fire:)

lounging in daddy's lap

Yesterday was another day of running errands and trying to get our pool from a nasty shade of green to a nice clean swimmable pool again:) oh and rain. Also some getting reading for our trip.

Hey not sure if I have mentioned it lately but we are T-minus 5 days til this girl is lounging on the beach!