Sunday, August 31, 2008

Everyone but mommy gets a blue ribbon

We had a full Saturday first we went to a birthday party for my cousin's daughter and let me tell ya they know how to throw a party. There was a huge water slide, snow cone machine, yummy food, ice cream and of course cake. Abby and Wyatt jumped right to the water slide and I don't think Wyatt stopped for over an hour.

One of those yummy snow cones

We had to leave the party a bit early to get to a hunt test that Shane had been helping at all day and had also ran Jet (the new puppy) in earlier that day. Wyatt was gonna get to be a junior handler and run a friend of Shane's dog in it. The time finally came (after sitting in the HOT weather for a while) and Abby got to get in on it also! She was very professional with the dog:)

What they have to do is hold the dog while another person off throws a fetch dummy then he has to tell the dog to mark and send the dog by saying his name, when he gets the dummy he calls the dog and has him sit beside him and take the dummy from the dog.

Wyatt with "Aiden"

Abigail just fell in love with the dog and was so good as a junior handler:)

she kept giving him hugs

Now to brag on our other little girl. When Shane got Jet he had decided this dog would be the one, the one who was perfect in every way. She would be obedient, she would love to fetch, and he hoped she would be good enough to do hunt tests and maybe get some titles. So when he met a guy who does them with a local retriever club he thought why not try her in it. Sure she is only 13 wks old, sure all the other dogs are much older, sure he may get some funny looks from others. But he also knew how she has been in the back yard and she is nothing like any dog we have had before (we have had alot btw). And if she was to fail the test he could chalk it up to the fact she is just a puppy.

Well his turn comes and he said you could tell the people were thinking to themselves "what is this guy doing". But then when she had fetched 2 on land and 2 in the water almost perfectly those same people were cheering her on. She was officially the youngest in the hunt test and passed when other dogs way older than her failed.

Here are my proud crew with their blue ribbons. Shane got one for Jet's first pass in her "started dog" test. The kids got one for participating in the Junior Handler.

Proud daddy with his girl

Oh and Wyatt won his baseball game Friday night!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

We are on a winning streak

Make that 2 games in a row won:)

The kids all did Awesome tonight they were all so in it, they were all hitting great & paying attention out in the field.

I did take a video of Wyatt's first up to bat but I won't force you to watch it:) just know he had a great hit from daddy pitching.

He did have a bit of an injury tonight and almost bailed out! He jammed his finger when he almost caught a fly ball-oh he was so close to catching that ball and getting his money. He went on to finish the inning and make another play that resulted in an out. BUT then he went into the dugout and had a moment to think about it and the water works began. He seriously didn't want to hit and he was up in 3 batters. I was stressing to him that he would have to leave the game if he didn't hit and he did not care.

So the moment of truth came I nudged him out of the dugout to daddy, I told him to hit off the tee so he didn't have to hold the bat as tight. Oh and a little bribery doesn't hurt either! Well let me tell ya he should hit "injured" more often because he hit that ball so hard it didn't touch the ground til it was passed second base. So I do believe in miracle healing after seeing it tonight:) He is now asleep with his bruised finger holding his new Webkinz tight-Don't judge me for my bribery!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My toothless boy

Wyatt lost yet another tooth the other day, or actually I should say he let his daddy pull another tooth.

So here is my question, what is the going rate for a tooth these days? My tooth fairy seems to be rich with the first one HE left $5 which IMO was a bit much. So now HE sat a standard that has to be followed and with 2 teeth in 2 weeks this tooth fairy is gonna go broke!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blue Jays WIN!

We had game number 2 of "fall" ball. I say "fall" because it is so NOT fall right now in TN. We played once again at 5:30 on a hot 90something day.

Our kiddos struggled a bit but came from behind and won it in the end. Wyatt had a good game and for the first time since his daddy started coaching he got the first game ball of the season. It is very rare because Shane doesn't like to give him one before anyone else and he usually is one of the last to receive a game ball. But he did a great job playing pitcher and made some outs. He also got a great hit and once again thought he may get a home run but got stopped at 3rd base. I know eventually he will make it all the way around:)

"Baseball ready"

Wyatt with his game ball oh and coach daddy and cheerleader Abby

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I got the rest of them!

So first thing this morning I had to check my email because I have been so excited to see the other pictures from Abby's session. They are great I have no idea how I will choose. If you didn't see the first ones click here. There are so many GREAT ones that I didn't show I have no clue what to do!

These are some cute piggies

Her big pink pettiskirt

She didn't want to take this one off

I just love it-This will more than likely hang in her room

Trying to catch some bubbles

Monday, August 18, 2008

Another season of ball

Fall baseball began tonight even though it didn't feel very fallish outside today, pretty sure 94 isn't fall!!

All the kids seem to have a good time out there regardless of the heat. Wyatt had a few good hits and got a triple on one of them (he made it to 3rd base). Unfortunately we did loose, but the coach of the other team was the tournament winner from spring ball so we at least lost to the best team:) There is always Friday night.

Wyatt and Coach (aka daddy)

ready to hit a home run

His biggest fan!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Date Night

Well last night Shane and I did something we have never done before-we hired a babysitter! Yes that is right we have never had a "babysitter" only family or a close friend has ever watched the kiddos. Isn't that sad?

Last night we had a wedding we were going to so we thought we give a girl a try. The kids were so excited and truthfully so was I :) We don't get out that often without kids and a chance to be all dressed up and get some good food and drinks for free was even better.

I of course had to take my camera to prove that Shane and I do know how to dress up and look nice. Thanks for the dress Liz and I wore these $11 Target shoes

Some of those free drinks

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Some fun at the Sprinkler Park

Today we decided it would be a good day to head to the free sprinkler park, especially since school has started and it wouldn't have tons of crazy big kids running around knocking down my little ones.

I met a couple friends there one old and one new. The kids loved it and had a blast, the weather was just great not to hot and very comfortable to sit in the shade and have a picnic. It was alot of fun to sit and watch them all share their food cause we all know that another kid's food is always better than your own:)

Abby and her new friend talking some girl talk

I think this is when Abby was getting Carter to open his lunch box and share his goldfish crackers (but I am pretty sure there was not alot of convincing that had to be done)

They were immediate friends

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big First Grader

My little man started first grade on Monday & he was not the least bit worried or nervous especially after finding out he got the teacher I had requested for him and that both of his best friends from Kindergarten would be in his class.

He has had a good week so far and promises me that he will be behaving this year. Afterall he was the "Citizen of the Year" last year for his class so I am sure his teacher expects a well behaved little boy.

He had a big night on Sunday because he also lost another tooth, he was so excited to show it off on the first day of school.

Look how big he looks it makes me a little sad to see him growing up so fast.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wanna know what I found out this morning?

The nice state trooper Gunn told me my tags were expired! Yep that is correct expired he was so nice to pull me over this morning in the school zone so that everyone passing by thought "oh look at that horrible mom being pulled over by a trooper"-LIGHTS and ALL! Oh he even got some backup from the ever so nice county police officer too, just in case I was one of those crazy soccer moms gone bad!

So here is my reward for being that good mom who takes her son to school instead of throwing his behind on the bus at 6:30am!

Wanna know how much my prize will cost me?

Just in case you can not read it-That would be $171.35! So anyone got a few bucks I can borrow?

Well luckily this "nice" trooper also informed me that I will not have to pay this if I go get my tags updated and take the proof to the county clerk office. So seriously here is my question if I will not have to pay this then WHY did he even bother to write me this big lengthy ticket? Why could he not have just told me they were expired and sent me on my way and not made me sit there with 2 little ones screaming to go home while EVERYONE passing by looked at me? Why oh why Mr. Trooper

**EDITED to add***
You will all be happy to know that I am no longer a horrible criminal breaking the law and driving with expired tags. I went and gave my $10 for the emissions testing and then my hard earned $76.50 to get current registration. Then figured out which building in downtown I needed to go to. I carried my sleeping 2 yr old and pushed the 1 yr old in a stroller into the Judicial building (which btw has some shady people hanging around waiting on court). She promptly told me "oh I don't have the paperwork for this yet and can't do it!" Oh NO I said you gotta do something I can't drag these kids down here again to get this fixed. She must have felt sorry for me cause she made a copy of the registration and said she would take care of it, lets hope she doesn't forget and you don't see me on a "wanted" poster in the post office:)

Monday, August 11, 2008

A visit with the cousins

Shane's sister, husband and their 2 kids came in to visit last week and alot of fun was had by all. We had a baseball game in the backyard at Gram's, races down the driveway, a trip to the Science Center and Krispy Kreme to watch them make donuts (can we say YUM), some swimming and backyard football, and a trip to the fair. It was a short trip that seemed to go by way to fast just as it does every time they are here. But Gram may be enjoying her quiet house this week. You know it can get pretty loud with 4 kids (7,6,4,2) running around wild!

This "race" is always a favorite thing to do in Gram's driveway she has the perfect slope that goes into the neighbors yard:) Abby was happy to join in this year and I had to video it because of her no fear and I will beat the boys mentality.

Here is a little collage of some of the fun

An "innocent" game of 2 hand touch football:) that became a little not so innocent when 2 boys who shall remain nameless couldn't stand the thought of loosing.

talking over a new strategy

Wyatt should have eaten a couple more donuts and maybe he would have weighed enough:) they said since he was not 50lbs it wouldn't work correctly.

Wyatt and M had no fear and rode the "scary" rides. This was one that C wanted to ride but right after this pic was taken he decided maybe it wasn't that great of an idea and promptly got off!

Wyatt and M on the Pirate ship, I am PRETTY sure they thought what have we done right about this moment:) but they both said they loved it when they got off.

Shane was the only one still in the pool so the boys ganged up on him.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I am in love with these pictures

Last night we had a photo session for Abigail's (very late) 2 yr pictures. I used a new lady and I already loved her stuff but after last night I am in love with her photos even more!

She has a blog and gives a little preview of the pictures, lucky me because it is very hard for me to wait to see the rest.

Looking so pretty in her dress

Check out those blue eyes against that green chair

big and fluffy


So sad to leave

I have no idea how I will ever choose if the rest are as good as the ones I have seen.

Monday, August 4, 2008

She is lucky she is so cute!

So I guess I still don't regret the dog decision but she is lucky she is so dang cute. Since getting here she has piddled on my floor on more than one occasion, she has woken me up earlier than I wish to be out of bed, and caused some general chaos in my house during the day (like 3 kids wasn't enough).

But today was the day, I let her play with Zeus the French Bulldog of ours in the laundry room & they can get pretty wild. It can only happen in there not out in my house or outside, since it is 150 degrees here Zeus with his smashed face would stroke out in minute out there!

I went to check on their behavior and make sure they were not destroying anything & I hear her banging around in Zeus' kennel so I look and this is what I find.....

That would be 1 of Abby's Crocs-$30 and 1 Merrell, 1 Reef flip, and 1 New Balance shoe (all Shane's BTW)-worth way more than she can afford!!

I sent this pic to Shane also and he responded "oh she misses me"-Did I mention the dog was HIS idea.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Her first trip to the lake

We decided to take Jet (yep she finally has a name) to the lake today for her first time to go swimming and fetch in the water. She did very well and could swim like a fish (much to Shane's delight). She was a little nervous about the waves from the TONS of boat/wave runner traffic and would stand on the bank and bark at her toy because she didn't want to go in after it but then she would give in and take off into the water.

I forgot the camera so these are snapped from Shane's camera.

Here she is after a hard day of swimming, she fell asleep in Wyatt's lap

Saturday, August 2, 2008

And So Baseball Begins Again!

We are also playing fall ball this season and practice just started today. Yep that's right 3:30 on a BLAZING HOT August day. I think it was something like 95 today maybe hotter. The kids seem to have some fun despite the heat.

This is Wyatt just before practice started.

He and Shane went fishing with a boy and his dad from the team tonight so he was very excited for practice to get done with.