Friday, October 29, 2010

Minnie shirt & how to reuse those outgrown jeans

I can't believe that I made this!

It started with me wanting a shirt for Abby for Disney, while browsing thru Etsy I found one I loved. I figured I could make it. So we headed to JoAnn's and we found the perfect fabric. I cut out the Minnie head and sewed it to her shirt then I just pinned a hair bow to the shirt!

aint Minnie cute??

Then I wanted something for her to wear with it. So I did some searching and finally found out how to make one of those ruffle bottom skirts that was SO cute and such a great idea I couldn't resist. Go check out Make It and Love It for lots of other great cute sewing ideas!

You know how kids outgrow those jeans so fast it is sad? Well I have a great way to repurpose them.

First find the too short for her jeans.

Then I marked them where I wanted to cut them, which was a little below the zipper. Then cut across and zigzag stitch around the bottom of the new skirt.

Click on the pictures to make them bigger

now you have a skirt

Then you are gonna need to cut your fabric-a front piece and a back piece. To figure your length measure the width across the skirt then double that and add an inch for seams. I did mine at 27 just to be safe since I am no professional:) You will also need to decide how long you want your skirt to be. Measure your jean piece then figure how much fabric you need to add. Then you add 1 1/2in. for seams. I didn't have a big piece of fabric so I just halved mine and hoped for the best:)I think mine were about 5 3/4in. each.

so we have 2 pieces 27 inches long by 5 3/4 inches wide.

Then I put the two pieces right sides together and sewed up the short ends moved over a bit and sewed it again.

now these next steps I forgot to take a picture so use your imagination.

I folded the long edge over on both the top and bottom about 1/4in. ironed and then another 1/4in. and ironed again. Then I sewed it down, this is your top and bottom seam.

At this point you should have what looks like a big circle with a finished edge on both the top and bottom.

Now to make it ruffled. Turn your dial up to the longest straight stitch; stitch across the top front leave the ends of the thread long, stitch across the top back and again leave the end of the thread long.

Next will help you to line your fabric pieces back up on the jean piece. Place pins at the sides, the center front and the center back of your fabric. Do this to your jean piece also.

Back to the ruffle-Take that thread you left long grab the top thread and pull, ever so gently, you don't want to break the thread.

Do this on both ends, the fabric will gather just slide it along the thread til it is the width you need. Do this on the back side also.

Once it is the right width pin it to the jean piece. Line up your pins, then I pinned the center front and center back, then I lined up the edge seams and pinned there.

At this point you can mess with the ruffle to even it up. Once it is to your liking pin it all around the jean piece.

Sew it on being careful to not mess up the ruffles you just created. Cut all those pesky pieces of thread and now you have a completely SUPER cute skirt that in my case matches that SUPER cute shirt I made earlier in the day. Yep I got both done in one day, if I were a better at sewing it would have taken me no time at all, but I am not and I am a wee bit slow. I figure though working off and on for one day to get this done is well worth it!!

Can't you just picture her looking SO freaking cute at Animal Kingdom?? Oh I can't wait!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Since my last post

So let's see what all has happened since the last post

Well I turned another year older which makes me another year into my 30's-ugh! But it was a good birthday despite the fact I am getting old. Hubs and I went out alone the night before, he took me shopping for my bday gift, which is just fine with me. I got 2 new pairs of great shoes! We also went to dinner at my favorite spot-Bone Fish Grill and a to movie. On my bday he and the kids made me breakfast-Chocolate gravy and heart shaped biscuits.

As breakfast was wrapping up Wyatt got all excited over his chocolate moose. He had to take a pic;)

Nope not done on purpose!

Then later that I day I dropped Shane at the airport, yes he left on my birthday for a week long work trip. To top it off the oldest of the girls I watch was out of school on fall break all week, I only babysit her now when she is out of preschool. So I had an extra kid all week, oh and Tuesday was only a 3hr school day for Wyatt & his buddy didn't have anyone to pick him up, so that brought my number up to 5 kids!! Yep I am that crazy. Luckily Shane made it home Friday night, unluckily he made it home late as his flight was delayed and he didn't touch down til 11:50pm which didn't put us back home from picking him up til 1am. Wyatt thought it was great staying up that late though, Abby not so much she didn't have a clue he was home til the next day she said "did we get daddy I can't remember." I wish I slept that deeply that I could have a coat and shoes put on me, get carried to the car & buckled in, drive to airport and back home, carried out of car, coat off, shoes off, and carried to bed and NEVER wake up!

I went to Target one day and saw this.

yep that would be Halloween on the left and Christmas on the right-SIDE BY SIDE!! I did not crop this picture.

Like I mentioned we are headed to DISNEY! (2weeks) can I get a wooohooo? anyways I am wanting to learn how to do some new stuff with Abby's hair that is easy and will keep it out of her face all day. So I have been studying and trying to channel Heather, since she claims to be a hair savant (I have to agree with her). I have been very pleased with my results but I am still long from being great. I am just glad she helped me figure out the bang french braid (the trick she says is to only pull from the front). Well here was my latest attempt.

A braided headband:) She loved it btw and it really held up and she wore it all day.

Abby and I have spent some time at Wyatt's school this week. I helped tie dye shirts with all the 3rd graders on Monday. Abby had to have one also of course. This week is Red Ribbon Week (say no to drugs) at his school they got to wear their shirts today for the parade at his school. every day has a theme and today's was 60's style.

I thought Abby was rocking the 60's with her flower pants!

Then she and I headed to the zoo since the weather was gorgeous today and from what I understand glad we enjoyed cause it is gonna change drastically. They are all decorated up for Halloween.

Well that about sums it up. We are also all ready for Halloween-costumes have arrived in the mail and they fit and are liked by all. We will be tricking and treating at a friends house again at was has become our annual Halloween party-can't wait!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let the countdown begin

In one month the kids will be seeing this for the very first time!

Abby is all ready to meet Cinderella

because we will be having breakfast here!

I am beside myself with excitement!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Decorating on a Dime

The other day I decided to change things up a bit around here since there for a few days it was feeling a bit fallish around here. But the past couple days and this weekend, not so much. My unit is gonna blow up since it isn't sure weather to blow heat or AC.

Anyways I stumbled across a few blogs that had some gorgeous fall decorations. Here, Here oh and Here :) once I started looking I couldn't stop. Being the deal lover that I am I just couldn't resist, I mean making something for a little of nothing or buying them at William Sonoma for like $60/pc! Monday I headed to Dollar Tree and was so excited to find lots of goodies.

I got started on my project, first I had to take the tags off and I am pretty sure that was the hardest part of the project.

WTH I hate those stupid stickers on glass

then glue the candle stick to the bottom, I used super glue.

Then you get an oh so cute helper to help.

please ignore all that junk in the background

The final product:

what do you think? Total spent about $7 for both of them!! I also bought a candle, some little pumpkins and some leaves (no real fall colors here yet to go get out of the back yard) and Abby picked me up some acorns on our walk the other day! Those 2 pumpkins on the side are from a project from a couple yrs ago, read about it here.

I switched out a couple of picture

Then I was onto a wreath. Dollar Tree helped on this one also, I got a green foam wreath thingy for only $1. Then I dug thru all my scrapbook stuff and found lots of paper. I proceeded to cut and cut.

then I folded, glued and glued. I had lots of help from my cute helper of course!

All ready for fall, now if the weather would just figure itself out.

oh how I love this time of the year!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Alot of Randomness from the past few days

So after this past Friday there will be no more making of the babies here. I know what you all are thinking "but you guys make such cute babies"
Abby, gotta love that hair!
I am not gonna argue with you.

But the fact is babies as cute as they are, are expensive and alot of trouble. Also I really enjoy sleeping all night and not changing poopy diapers*. Our lives have gotten way to simple to go back.

After Saturday we are down one kid for a week as the oldest went to the beach with his friend-yep this momma is jealous. I told him to have fun and behave and he would have to suck it up if he started missing us cause we couldn't drive 9hrs to come get him, to which Shane spoke up and said "I would come get you buddy." I swear Shane was more worried about him being gone for an entire week than Wyatt was. For the record this is the first time he has been away from us more than a couple of days. We have talked to him everyday and he seems to be doing just fine and having alot of fun.

I have gotten a jump start on Christmas shopping and am trying to find as many deals as possible. Abby and I went shopping over the weekend (which really makes xmas shopping complicated) cause I was on the hunt for a Strawberry Shortcake remote controlled car, it was on sale at TRU and when you combined it with a store coupon and manufacturer coupon you could get it for a little over $2! well of course they were out of them, but I did score the new Tinkerbelle dvd/blue ray combo for $14 (actually Abby did since it was her money)I used that store coupon and a $10coupon I printed on the Disney site. So I grabbed their sale paper and headed to Target. I was in luck and they had them in stock, I picked up one told Abby we were getting it for the oldest girl I watch (which is true). Then I quickly hid another one in my shopping bag when I distracted her for a minute. On the way out she wanted to look at movies and picked up a SS which just happened to have a $5 coupon on it when you bought it and a toy (which I already was doing.) I told her no since she had just got another movie, then when she turned I quickly shoved it into the bag! :) I checked out then headed over to customer service to get them to price match the TRU ad and get the difference refunded, since they can't adjust the price at the register this is what you have to do.

Here's the breakdown of my deals:
(2) Strawberry Shortcake RC cars on sale @TRU for $14.99
(1) SS movie $9.99
I used (2) $10 coupons for the cars and the $5 coupon for the movie! got each of them for $4.99 a pc!

I also hit up CVS where I spent $30something but saved over $70.

Have I convinced you yet on the greatness of coupons yet?

*disclaimer: sure I still change poopy diapers but only because someone pays me to do so, and it is not in the middle of the night!