Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And just like that it is all over

After last night it is official. "Fall"ball is over, I use the term fall loosely, mainly because the TN heat made it feel more like middle of the summer baseball. Last night was the only game that felt the least bit of fall.

Abby ended her season last Thursday night. Shane was an awesome head coach again and had a couple brave dads helping him out. I with the help of a couple other moms manned the dugout and that is a feat in itself-just picture it 13 four yr olds hopped up on Gatorade:)

We had a party after her last game and coach daddy handed out trophies, the name tag was for the dugout I am all about assigned seating in there it helps keep the chaos in check.

Wyatt was very excited at last night's game when he got to make his big pitching debut.

He did well struck out a couple players and only hit one:) it was rather funny cause the kid ducked and it hit him on the top of his head (he had on helmet so he was ok) I only think it was funny cause he kinda got his revenge. He was hit during the season more than once, in fact I think it was more like 6 times! He got hit twice in one game! He also got hit last night, it really just became normal for him to get hit and take his base.

So now Shane will come home from work and we will be like "what do we do now" cause we have been at the ballpark every night the past few weeks.

We have decided to throw our hat into the travel ball game with Wyatt next spring. Shane and a couple other guys are gonna get a team together. We won't go all out and just will play local stuff so no real travel involved. I am most excited for him to play a tournament in our home town on the same fields Shane grew up playing on. Can't wait to show him our old stomping grounds as we both spent many of hours running around that ball park.

We really need to figure out how to stay busy to pass the days until DISNEY!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

The last of the garden

Over the weekend Shane we dug up the last of the garden harvest. It was suppose to be sweet potatoes but instead we found some crazy alien like things in the ground.

Now my goal is to figure out what to do with all of them.

There were also some little toads buried in the dirt Abby and Wyatt loved getting peed on by playing with them.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordful Wednesday-Abby and Ella

Back at the beginning of summer we headed to Atlanta and of course we had to take Abby to the American Girl Store. While there she picked up matching shirts for her and Ella and yesterday I finally remembered to take a picture of them in their matching shirts.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My ballers-Wordful Wednesday

The other night both of the kids had a ball game so I just had to get them together looking so cute in their uniforms.

This week we are at the ballpark every night with 5 games. Next week we are also there every night with 6 games! Oh the joys of 2 kids playing sports:) but to soon ball season will be over and we will be missing running crazy busy every night.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

I love Target Deals

Target this week:

clearance and cheap Bounce bars!

Total spent out of pocket: $22.57
Total saved $25.95

Clearance items
paper $1.11 saved $1.11
folder .68 saved .31
Bath rug that just happens to match the new shower curtain we bought a couple of weeks ago $7.48 saved $7.51
two hand towels to match $5.96 saved $6.02

P&G deal
2 Bounce 6mth dryer bars $15.98 -$2 target coupons, -$4.00 manufacture coupons, also you get a $5 target gift card when you buy 2. So after the coupons and the gift card it was only $4.98 for both bars

I did 2 transactions and bought the dryer bars first to get my gift card then used that $5 towards my next transaction.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordful Wednesday-bathroom makeover

When we moved into our house almost 11yrs ago (wow can't believe it's been that long) there were lots and I mean LOTS of project that had to be done and over the years we have gotten them all done and some we have done multiple times. The front bathroom is just such a room. When we bought it there was hideous wallpaper so we set off to remove it and it was a Nightmare!! After giving up and shutting the door for almost 2mths cause I just couldn't take working on it anymore while working 50+hrs a week and planning a wedding. Finally we broke down and got it done one weekend. Then the kids came along and I changed it, then kids got bigger and I decided it needed another redo.

A few weeks ago we set out to get it done, after some money dropped at Target and Lowe's we had all we needed. Shane had to do alot of work on the walls from the original wallpaper incident. This involved lots of spackle and lots of sanding, which is very noisy and very dusty. I am also pretty positive it was exactly the cause of this post about the inturder. I have a theory that he was disturbed and came up from under the house. I don't know but let's hope getting picked up by kitchen tongs and thrown out the front door made him learn his lesson and he will stay far away.

So after all the mess and me freaking out over the snake and being scared another would be waiting for me in the towels under the cabinet, it got done. We love how it turned out.

I found this rug and shower curtain and went from there

yea, yea the curtain is wrinkled don't judge

I painted the walls a light blue and until we can find a new vanity we love and can afford we decided to just paint the one we have brown. I also painted the cubby thing we had on the wall for towels and such the same brown. We replace the light fixture, got a new mirror, curtain rod and towel ring.

In the end it was fairly quick and mostly painless (if you forget the whole snake thing)

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wordful Wednesday-My Little Baller

Joining Angie and her circus for Wordful Wednesday

I snapped this one last week at the ballpark, both the kids had ball games (seems like we live at that place here lately) Abby was watching Wyatt's game and I couldn't resist snapping these.