Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What I get with $15

A buggy full of groceries is what I get!

So here's the wrap up:
Doritos BOGO 2pks for 3.99
Tyson frozen chicken 5.99
sour cream 1.15
bananas .96-which ended up being free with an overage since there was a coupon on the OJ 1.00 off produce
Tropicana OJ 2 for $6 minus 2 $1 coupons
Jiffy corn muffin mix .43
pasta .70
Digiorno pizza-$3.19 Free with coupon
Oscar Myer roast beef-$3.69 Free with coupon
Ritz Crackerfuls-$2.69 Free with coupon
Kraft mac and cheese x's 2 each were $2.99 Both Free with coupons
Koolaid fizz-$1.99 Free with coupon
Publix Bread $1.17

$5 off $30 purchase coupon

Total with tax $15.11 amount saved $32.86

I know some of you say you don't have time for coupons but really it is hard to argue the savings you get from taking a few minutes to plan it out. I sign up for lots of programs that send free samples or coupons for a free product, which is how I got all those Kraft things for free. They have a great program call Kraft first taste.

Southern Savers and Swaggrabber are two of my favorite saving sites go check them out and see what you can save.

make sure you see my post from yesterday cause I am on a roll and got in 2 posts in 2 days ;)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Following in Daddy's footsteps

So last week Wyatt played in another baseball tournament, he had a blast and I have to admit so did we. The boys didn't all know each other, they had been thrown together just the week before from some travel teams and MBA teams. Wyatt goes to school with a couple of them but had never been in class with them so only sorta knew them. He is only friends with one of them, but they all got along so well and cheered each other on with some great chants from the dug out. When they got a home run there would be this huge cheer from them then they would attack who ever had hit it as he tried to get back in the dug out. It was alot of fun to see him have such a great time with all these boys who all love what he loves-BASEBALL.

He also got a chance to play new positions and played 3rd base in one game and catcher in the other 2 games. Unfortunately the last game got rained out and there was no makeup game. The last game was for the championship and our guys would have so won it, but they ended in 2nd place cause the team they were to play had the higher seed in the game against us.

He absolutely LOVED playing catcher and let me tell ya daddy was also proud. See catcher was Shane's position sure he played others but he mostly played catcher and from what I have been told he dominated at that position. So when Wyatt said he wanted to learn it and play it Shane jumped at the chance to get his son behind the plate.

like my videos? they are from my new favorite toy. My Flip camera goes everywhere with me now, it was Shane and I's anniversary gift to each other. It is so much fun, it takes awesome HD videos and you can even take a piece of the video and clip it into a picture which is awesome since I love pics but can't really take a video and snap pictures at the same time.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Playing catch up

So I have been MIA for a bit, I promise I do have a good reason. See it is I am BUSY. Our first super busy baseball season with 2 kids playing ended, but we are still busy with all kinds of other stuff.

Abby with first baseball metal, she was so proud!

Last week Abby did vacation bible school and Wyatt did a local baseball camp, for 3 days they had to be dropped off and picked up at separate places across town from each other at the same time! so there was alot of kid juggling going on. But they both had a great time and so it was worth it.

Over the weekend Wyatt played in his first tournament game, he is gonna do a couple more this summer. We aren't about to go all crazy with the "travel ball" like some do, we are just letting him play in a couple to give him something to do over the summer and to keep up his practicing to get him ready for fall ball. I did feel bad for him cause Saturday they played two back to back games and it was HOT!! We also had the team parties for both of the kids teams on Saturday, they had a blast despite the heat.

I think this had something to do with the fun:)

This week he is doing a nature day camp everyday and this weekend he has a baseball camp with the local minor league team here in town and he is really looking forward to that.

There has also been lots of swimming going on here cause like I said it is HOT!

this is my SUPER cheap pool that I found on clearance last year. It is awesome! out of all my deals I have gotten on stuff this is definitely the best deal I have ever gotten.

We are still on beach '10 countdown, pray that some miracle happens and the oil does not end up on the gorgeous beaches there.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Trip to Atlanta

Last weekend we headed down to hotlanta for a short little getaway and as a reward to Wyatt for such a great year of school.

After checking into the hotel, which btw is a reward in itself for the kids, they just love staying at hotels, we headed to dinner. Then we were off to the favorite stop for all little girls in Atlanta-AMERICAN GIRL! Abby loved the "doll store" as she called it. Let me tell ya a person can go broke fast in that place. She had her own money to spend and picked matching shirts for her and her doll and then got a movie. Then it was off to the destination of all boys-LEGOS!! I though his head would explode when he saw the life sized Darth Vader:) he also had his own money and would have bought the entire place out had he had enough money.

We headed back to the hotel and ate our big ol hunks of cheesecake from dinner. The next morning we headed to the World of Coca Cola it was alot of fun, they had a great 4-D movie, I was seriously about to pee my pants laughing at Abby trying to grab the stuff that was flying at her face. At the end of the tour you can taste something like 64 different coke products from around the world and let me tell ya some of them are FUNKY! Only after a few Abby threw in the towel and said her belly hurt and she couldn't taste any more:)

Then afterwards we were on to the main reason for our trip.

The kids and I had never been to a MLB game before, so we were super excited to get there. We got our yummy ballpark food and headed to our seats. We were very excited to see the sun coming out cause it had been sprinkling rain just a bit, but we were every more excited to see our seats were about 4 rows into the shade of the deck above us, so while everyone below us sat in the scorching Atlanta heat we felt great:) The Braves won and we even got to see Chipper Jones get up to pinch hit and he ended up driving in the winning run so he got Player of the Game.

It was a great trip and we all had a great time and can't wait to do it again.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordful wednesday-One great hit

Last night the tournaments started for both of the kiddos and I am SO excited to say that they both won their games so they are still in it!

posing with brother's bat, it's huge and it was so funny to see her get up there swing it and hit it past second base. I was told that when she came up to bat with this one talks of "she a big hitter get ready" could be heard:) that just cracks me up cause she is so tiny and totally unassuming.

We had done some serious practicing in the yard on Monday and after seeing Abby play last night looks like it paid off. Her first hit was a good one, her last hit which was with brother's big bat was great but it is what happened in between that was awesome.

Abby got her first HOME RUN! and even better a grand slam! OMG talk about a momma that was about to go crazy, that was me. I was SOOO excited for her. She was too, she knew exactly what had happened and was so proud of herself.

After the game Shane handed out balls to all the team for a great game and saved Abby for last, he gave her the game ball. She was beside herself with excitement. She told everyone that would listen what she had done and that daddy had given her the "actual game ball":)

We were at the ballpark most of the night last night since she played at 5:30 and he played at 8:00 and looks like it will be an all nighter again tonight. Wyatt plays at 5:30 and then we are staying to watch his best friend play at 8:00. Man I hope Wyatt's team wins tonight they played so great last night and were so due a great win.

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