Monday, October 6, 2008

Guess who got her way?

Remember I told you I always get my way

Here is a picture to prove it, I snapped it in the car yesterday on the way to some friends new house. Which BTW is a late 1800's house with some land-awesome right?

I peeked in on him shaving and snapped a pic, but he got upset and said "That is not going on the internet" wow he really knows me doesn't he?

So speaking of the friends new house Shane spent most of Saturday afternoon helping him move in and then we headed back there yesterday so he could help do some work on the outside. Ya know some manly stuff-cutting yard (more like a huge field), cutting down trees and all that kinda stuff. His fiance and I supervised:) The kids took their four wheelers and did some fun riding.

Wyatt got in on the manly action and was pulling cut down trees with his four wheeler

Abby taking a break from the hard work:)

It is such a gorgeous drive to their house right thru walking horse country which includes huge farms with gorgeous huge houses & thru little old down town squares with very old houses. Shane and I said if gas wasn't $8000 a gallon we would love to move out that way, but there is always that little problem with the drive to work. Oh then there is the other thing which is numerous chicken farms that shall we say have a less than pleasing odor that carries with the wind :)


Just The Girl said...

Come see the Tu-Tu :) Little Diva loves it!!

Elizabeth said...

Fiance? Interesting.
FYI That puppy of Mickeys is one from a litter that Sam fathered.

Solei said...

They say it takes REAL friends to actually help you move, 'cause everybody hates to do it!!! So you all must be really good friends, lol.

And yes, I'll miss reading you for some days... it sucks, but i'll be back. Mark my words!!!

Rhea said...

Your hubby has a nice profile. And I love the four wheelin' photos!

I'd love a house out a ways with land. As soon as the kids are done with school, we can move out of the good school district neighborhood and purchase our dreams, right?!

Tabi said...

I hate when blogger has brain farts but I'm thinkin you did too b/c that vacuum is mine!! BWHAHAHAHA!! But if for some strange reason you win it, I will be nice and say, "COME VACUUM MY FLOOR THEN!!" See...aren't I the nicest bloggy friend ever!!?!! Haha!

Tabi said...

Oh yeah, almost forgot! Glad to see you got your way!! And where the heck do I order the tutu from!?!?! Those are precious!!

Sandy Toes said...

First time fun! Cute pictures!
-Sandy Toes

Bad Mommy said...

Radio does the exact same thing. Bugger.

I love old houses and small towns too. They rock.