Monday, September 29, 2008

Let's go fishing!

Since the weather is still not so "fallish" feeling outside we thought yesterday would be the perfect day to go out on the boat and go fishing. This use to be something hubs and I did all the time but since the kiddos came along it has not been so frequent, well hubs and Wyatt still go but Abby is just getting to the age that she is able to go. So we loaded up and off to the lake we went. It was a very warm (mid 80's) and sunny day, perfect lake weather-not to hot but just warm enough to enjoy it.

Her daddy was so proud of her for getting her own worm out of the dirt (notice the pink & purple princess pole)

The fishing got off to a slow start but then we found a good spot and were catching tons of them or should I say the kids were catching tons of them!

That's right even a Princess pole can reel them in!

Daddy's girl

Wyatt said it was hot and wanted to get into the water, here he is trying to climb back into the boat. The water was a wee bit chilly:) but he would never admit it since we had both told him it would be cold, but he wanted in anyways.

He also caught some fish, he wanted to keep them to eat!

She wanted to pet the fish

Then we saw this, isn't he pretty? Not sure how long it had been hanging there right in front of us.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Look who is getting all crafty again!

Yep it is me, it must be the cooler weather but I am just feeling all crafty lately. I saw this cute idea the other day, so technically I can not take the credit for the pumpkin decorating.

So this is what you will need:

Little Pumpkins (real or fake, I used fake) I picked them up at Hobby Lobby for less than a $1/pc since they were on sale!

Hot Glue

Ribbons (If you scrapbook you should also have a ton of this stuff laying around)

An OH so cute helper! Make sure you have a Tinker Bell blanket to sit on also:)

Now get those creative juices flowing and get some matching ribbons and get to glueing.

Oh also if you have an oh so cute helper as in my case be sure to buy her a sparkly pumpkin to decorate

She loves her sparkly pumpkin with it's pink and green ribbon

Here ya go! A super easy, pretty cheap decoration that will also make a great gift for the teacher. That is if you are into winning the "Best Mom" award from the teacher, and most of you know this is always my goal. I am sooo gonna be her favorite, especially after she gets a look at my Christmas gift baskets!!

If you want to see more you can also go here.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Gas situation here

So I totally had another post planned that I was about to do, but then I checked my email and my FIL had sent this to me.

Anyone here will love this one. I am lucky and my city has gas but they are not so lucky down the road about 45 min. Hopefully the word will not get out and they will stay out of the Boro and we can keep our gas for ourselves!

I personally think it is freaking crazy that a major metropolitan area can run out of gas but whatever. Hope you enjoy

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordful Wednesday

So since this week is the first week of Fall I thought I would post some fall photos. Although here in Middle TN it's not so fallish with temps hoovering around 87 degrees.

Welcome to my house

This one is obviously an old one but I love it-She was the cutest little pumpkin at the patch!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who needs a vacuum? Me that is who

Although I know my hubs will laugh at this because he would swear I never use the vacuum. But if I had this pretty new Hoover

I may just get it out and run it thru the house on a more regular basis :)

I know I have mentioned my love for a certain blogger on more than one occasion, but here I go again. See she is having a contest over there and the prize is, Yep you guessed it a NEW vacuum. Now most of you may be thinking "wow a vacuum, that kinda sucks" but seriously that is why I want it because she says it does suck and well. She also has the vacuum and loves it, and I am sure it gets lots of use around her house between her three oh so cute kiddos and the daycare kiddos running around.

So there it is my shameless self promotion of the blog I love to stalk:)
Jump on over there and read all about it, BUT don't enter because seriously I want to win and the more that enter the less my chance is! Ok maybe you can enter but if you win you MUST credit me with the win since I told you all about her.

Mama kat

Monday, September 22, 2008

A new site that I am in love with

So not long ago blogger that I love to stalk mentioned this site and I have become obsessed with it. I love love to scrapbook but these days funds are low and scrapbook supplies are not included in the necessities of life, although I think this is very wrong they are needed. Another reason I love it is because it is so easy to paste your picture into the design and you can still move things and remove things or add journaling to the page to make it your own.

I actually made my new header using this site. Here are just a couple other pages I have done, but trust me there are more, alot more. I see alot of pages coming as soon as I get Abby's pic cd from her photo session:)

Wyatt's spring 08 tball

Wyatt soccer fall 07

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I never win anything

I can't believe it, I got this great award from a new "friend" whose blog I have started stalking:) I stumbled across her through another blog I read and found out that we have alot of blogs in common. Go check her out she always has something good and funny to share Just the girl

Now to pass it on...
Sasha says-she is barely keeping it all together
Super mom...not-she is no supermom:)
Bad mommy-Her and her family just moved to Germany jump over and show her some love
Mama Kat-LOVE her
Liz-she's got some cute kiddos and she is my IRL bf

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wordless, Wordful Wednesday

How sweet is this?

He is not feeling well today, poor guy. Poor mommy for having to deal with his not feeling well that happened in my laundry room. He is lucky he is so cute

Some good QT for the boys

A little while back Shane told me that he had one more vacation day he needed to burn before Oct. so when I remembered that Wyatt was getting out of school at 11 yesterday (for some random reason that I do not know) Shane said he would take the day off. Great he can take and pick up AWESOME no car rider line for me!!! Have I mentioned how horrid the traffic is this year and I have to get there at a minimum of 30 min. early in the afternoon so I am not number 1000 in the line to pick up.

Anyways cut to yesterday Shane does a great job of getting him there on time, thanks to me telling him more than once you have got to go NOW you are gonna be late. He did make sure to call and rub it in that he was not late dropping him off.

He also made it there in time that afternoon not to be number 1000 in line to pick up, and luckily even though he did not have his name card on his dash the teacher must have thought Shane looked safe enough and loaded him right into the car with him.

So that afternoon after lunch they headed off to have some man time together, they went down to a place Shane hunts and did a little duck and dove hunting:) Yes that is how we role my six year old loves to shoot a gun. Shane said Wyatt had a great time and didn't want to leave.

Now what isn't cute about a little guy in camo?

When I asked what Wyatt was doing in the pic Shane said he was stalking a dove to shoot. OK ladies calm down I hear ya it is a bbgun that he has. No one was harmed in the making of this photo, not even the dove:)

Wyatt and our old man Drake

But in all seriousness Shane has been waiting years for these moments. The time when he would have a son that he could share his love and passion for the outdoors with. Now that Wyatt has finally reached that age I see many more days like this in the future and many great memories made with a wonderful father and son. I can't wait until the day when Wyatt is grown and has a son to pass it onto and tells him the wonderful stories about when he was a boy hunting with his dad.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wildlife, Rehearsal, a Wedding, oh and Waffle House

That about sums up our weekend. A long time friend, as in we have known him since way back in high school, finally became a married man. He is the last of the bunch to do it.

The weekend started off on Friday afternoon, hubs went and signed little man out of school early and we headed off to Montgomery Bell State Park which just happens to be a little over an hr away. Yea and the gas prices also just happen to spike this same day!

The park is very pretty and we were immediately met by some wildlife

We pulled up to the little very old church and in true Josh fashion he was running late, seriously I have rarely known him to be on time. So while we waited Wyatt searched for more little critters and found a lizard and lots of little dead baby snakes (more on the baby snakes later). They made it thru rehearsal and we went over to a pavilion in the park and ate lots of fried food. His father cooked some great fish, fries, hush puppies and shrimp. The boys and Abby took a walk to the water where Wyatt found this cute little guy, don't worry he put it back.

It was a very hot night but also lots of fun.

Fast forward to Saturday, since the guys had to be there early hubs and a friend headed down and his wife rode with me. I was a bit nervous I would get us terribly lost but I managed to make it with out one wrong turn! It was SOOOO hot when we got to the little old church (that btw has no AC) the guys weren't to excited to be hanging out in a tux in the heat. Seriously he looked hot and not from the heat!

I have seen him in a tux on many occasions over the many years but it never gets old.

Oh and for more on those baby snakes...We had all talked about these dead ones and wondered about the live ones, well sure enough we open the door to walk in to the church and one almost got stepped on! It was just laying there in the middle of the isle.

Now to the reception, I had been let in on the secret by the bride the night before that she had hired Gnash which is the Nashville Predators (NHL hockey) mascot. The groom loves hockey. I was also very excited because I too love hockey and love to watch Gnash do his version of the "history of the dance". Wyatt was jealous that mommy and daddy got to get pics made with him.

We had a great time at dinner, we sat with 2 other couples. One of them we see every day but we hadn't seen the other in years and I had not met his wife. It was a blast and they were both great company for us, especially since we are pretty adult time deprived. I made hubs dance with me to a few songs it was so nice since this is a very rare thing & we even got to dance to our song from our first dance as a married couple.

We made it home way passed our bed time but enjoyed it all. Since Gram had the kiddos we were bums and slept til 9:30 Sunday and then woke up and went to Waffle House to eat. Seriously that is some good food:) It use to be a very regular thing for us back in the day, but we hadn't eaten there in years but ya know what, that food never changes.

All in all it was a great weekend even though we missed our neighbors fund raiser party. She has breast cancer and they held a party to raise money to pay her medical bills. They raised a little over $6000 which is AWESOME! On top of that she got news on Thursday that all of her tumors are gone and she is cancer free!!! We are all very happy for her and can't wait to see her all better.