Friday, October 3, 2008

Daddy & Daughter Day

Have I ever told you how wonderful my hubs is? No, well then let me give you just one little example.

Today he took the day off and decided he needed to spend some good QT with his little girl, of course after he got home from hunting. Even if he had a free morning to sleep in why not wake up at 4:30am and go sit in the cold woods. He and Wyatt do lots of "man" things together but there are not alot of chances for him to spend good alone time with her.

He decided they would go to the movies, she was so excited. So off they went to see Igore. Me being me had to send the camera along after all I knew this would make GREAT blogging material. He said she loved the movie and sat thru the whole thing great.

She was so excited to get her own popcorn and sprite!

Note the beard, I am not digging it. He will be shaving soon if I have my way, oh and trust me I usually get my way:)


Tabi said...

What a sweet thing to do!! What a good daddy! I actually like the beard!! LOL..but this is coming from a girl who begged hubby to grow one for years!

Bad Mommy said...

Ditto, beards suck. What a sweet hubby, though, to take time for his little girl. So I guess he gets a freebee on the beard.

BTW, what the heck is Igore?

Kurt and Samantha said...

That is so sweet, nothing like little girls and their daddy!

Elizabeth said...

Glad they got to go. She looks like she had a good time.

The Spencer Family said...

How sweet! Shane does have a soft side!! :-)