Sunday, October 19, 2008

My birthday loot!

I know my birthday was like 2 days ago but I had to share all my goodies with you guys. I did pretty good

My lovely hubs and kiddos went out shopping last week and my daughter was informed it was a secret and she could not tell me what she got and therefor it became something she HAD to do. She tried 3 times that night to tell me! She proceeded to throw a full on fit telling daddy "You are mean" because she could NOT tell me what she had gotten. My little man took his wallet and picked out my present and paid for it with his own money!!

Hubs got me a gift card here because like mentioned before I lurve me some coffee.
He also got me these from Target, I needed some new brown boots.

This is what Wyatt and Abby got for me. The coffee mug and biscotti were from Wyatt, does my little man know me or what? Abby also shares my love for lip gloss so she picked those out.

We had to pick Wyatt up at Chuckie Cheese Friday evening after a party he had gone to for a boy in his class, we went to dinner here I was serenaded in Italian for my big day.

I also got a gift card to here for a hour and a half long massage, so I will be enjoying that one day very soon!

My big day went on into Sat. My FIL knowing how much I LOVE the Predators and LOVE hockey and LOVE going to games gave me and hubs 2 tickets for the Saturday night game! I was SOOO excited, due to some less than desirable economic issues we only have tickets purchased for 4 games this year:( we went to 15 or more last year. It was fun for just hubs and I to go since we the kids always go with us. We played to Blue Jackets and Won!

Me and the hubs after the big win!

One of my Favorite players Jordan Tootoo laying the smack down on some guy! He is kinda the goon of the team and will not hesitate to square up with another player no matter how much bigger they are than him! In 2006-07 he led the team in penalty minutes (116) :)

Sitting in Time out:)

The final score!

All in all I think my big day was a good one, I did have to color my hair to hide all the grey hairs I wouldn't want someone to see me and actually think I am in my 30's:) THANKS a ton to everyone who stopped by and wished me a happy birthday it really made me happy because I love to get comments.


Kurt and Samantha said...

Girl you racked up! It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday, now go enjoy that massage.

Heather and Jason said...

Yeah, Tootoo is scary! I wouldnt want to be on the receiving end of a beat down.

Shannon said...

Nice gifts... love the boots!

Shannon said...

Oh, and my youngest does the same thing... if she knows what someone is getting for a gift, it just kills her not to be able to tell that person what it is!!

jenn3 said...

Woo Hoo! Go Preds! (Tootoo is my favorite also.) I can't wait to go for my birthday game next weekend. I hope it's another win.

Sounds like you had a good birthday. Happy birthday!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you had a great bday weekend. So, how are you likin the big 30?

Bad Mommy said...

What an awesome birthday! Don't worry about the gray, we've had that problem here for a while.

Your post made me miss Target :(

Legal Diva said...

Happy late Birthday! My baby turned 4 on the 17th, very ironic! :) You got great gifts- coffee and target stuff can't be beat! Thanks for the comment, and I'll warn you in advance, please don't be offended by my post today about scrapbooking- it was not directed to you at all! ;)