Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A weekly assignment

So a blog that I am very fond of has made a weekly writing assignment and this week I have decided to participate. So here it goes

The topic I chose is how is life different for my children than when I grew up.

I know with every generation there are big leaps in technology and things children have available to them. But seriously the things my children have is crazy.

1. 24/7 cartoons-we have DirectTV and there are like 50,000 channels on there, not like when I was growing up and we looked forward to Saturday morning cartoons. I do like though they are bringing back some of the good ones-Strawberry shortcake, Care bears, Transformers.

2. Cell phones-I did not have a cell phone til I was in college, but now it is not uncommon to see a 10 year old walking around texting (not talking) away. We don't even have a home phone.

3. The Internet-with Google and all that any information my kids desire can be looked up in a matter of moments. There is none of that getting the encyclopedia out and searching for it.

4. This is a big one-Video games I seriously remember getting a Nintendo and it being the greatest thing EVER. I think we only had a couple of games but man it was great-I totally rocked Super Mario Brothers BTW. Now we have a Wii and this thing is just crazy, it amazes me everytime I see my just turned 6 yr old playing it and being so good at it. I mean he can bowl strikes, drive a Mario race cart, hit home runs playing baseball it is crazy. Oh and I downloaded Super Mario Brothers to it and um yea I am not so good anymore:)

5. Schedules and school-It seems as though alot of schools have become so politically correct they have forgotten that kids love to have fun and I believe they learn better when they have fun doing it. I am glad that we have a great school that still believes in making learning fun and really makes it all about the kids and welcomes parents into the school. Also I think some kids are way over scheduled these days and I hope to never become one of those parents, he does play only one sport and that is plenty seeing he already has homework most nights when he is only in the 1st grade.

6. Also I want my children to grow up in a home full of love-not that hubs and I didn't have this, we did but I want things to be different for my children. I want when my children grow up and get married they tell us that we showed them a wonderful example of how it should be done. I want to grow very old with hubs and have our grandchildren filling our house with laughter.

7. Safety-I can remember riding my bike all around my neighborhood & playing outside all day long. Walking to a friends house somewhere in my neighborhood with no real time I had to be home. I will not let my son ride his bike in front of our house alone let alone somewhere off in the neighborhood. Riding in the back of a truck was a summer standard we would load up and ride where ever it was we were going most of the time Dairy Queen since it was the only place we had in the city I lived. It is crazy how all those things I did I thought and my parents thought were safe but now I am amazed when leaving my house I see a little girl maybe 7 riding her bike on the road alone with no adult in sight.


Tabi said...

Oh, I loved your post! I too love the thought of my kids coming back and thanking me for showing them love and look forward to the day of grandshildren running around!

Solei said...

I had that same Nintendo too!

And back then parents didn't put it on the credit card... No!
they put it on lay-away, lol.
at least my mom did.
And I remember going into that store every week to give payments on it, and then Christmas Day I had my gift WITH the accessories. That running mat & the gun!

Geez, I'm old!
Thanks for the memory!

Insane Mama said...

I don't really let my kids play video games or watch TV, but I do NOT know what I would do if there were NOT cell phones, keeping track of the kids is much easier now then when I was younger

Solei said...

your kids r way 2 cute!
& don't put yourself down.
you got your own thing going on.
& i like it!

Emily said...

This is all so true- the technology blows my mind. Last night we were able to enjoy a REALLY nice dinner out- our 8-month-old completely captivated by Super Why on our little portable dvd player.

And I miss that original Nintendo!

Mama's Losin' It said...

This is a great list! Just today a couple school agers didn't get dropped off by the bus to come to daycare...I was stressed out for a solid hour and was like "seeeee...THIS is why 10 year olds need cell phones..."


Anonymous said...

So now I have to go back and follow directions for a signature and a personalized header!!! When I have looks great!!

Kurt and Samantha said...

Oh my gosh, you are so right. I remember lots of days riding my bike all day long, not even checking in with my mom, and just being home by dark. I would never even let that thought enter my mind now. And the Nintendo was a really big deal!!