Sunday, August 31, 2008

Everyone but mommy gets a blue ribbon

We had a full Saturday first we went to a birthday party for my cousin's daughter and let me tell ya they know how to throw a party. There was a huge water slide, snow cone machine, yummy food, ice cream and of course cake. Abby and Wyatt jumped right to the water slide and I don't think Wyatt stopped for over an hour.

One of those yummy snow cones

We had to leave the party a bit early to get to a hunt test that Shane had been helping at all day and had also ran Jet (the new puppy) in earlier that day. Wyatt was gonna get to be a junior handler and run a friend of Shane's dog in it. The time finally came (after sitting in the HOT weather for a while) and Abby got to get in on it also! She was very professional with the dog:)

What they have to do is hold the dog while another person off throws a fetch dummy then he has to tell the dog to mark and send the dog by saying his name, when he gets the dummy he calls the dog and has him sit beside him and take the dummy from the dog.

Wyatt with "Aiden"

Abigail just fell in love with the dog and was so good as a junior handler:)

she kept giving him hugs

Now to brag on our other little girl. When Shane got Jet he had decided this dog would be the one, the one who was perfect in every way. She would be obedient, she would love to fetch, and he hoped she would be good enough to do hunt tests and maybe get some titles. So when he met a guy who does them with a local retriever club he thought why not try her in it. Sure she is only 13 wks old, sure all the other dogs are much older, sure he may get some funny looks from others. But he also knew how she has been in the back yard and she is nothing like any dog we have had before (we have had alot btw). And if she was to fail the test he could chalk it up to the fact she is just a puppy.

Well his turn comes and he said you could tell the people were thinking to themselves "what is this guy doing". But then when she had fetched 2 on land and 2 in the water almost perfectly those same people were cheering her on. She was officially the youngest in the hunt test and passed when other dogs way older than her failed.

Here are my proud crew with their blue ribbons. Shane got one for Jet's first pass in her "started dog" test. The kids got one for participating in the Junior Handler.

Proud daddy with his girl

Oh and Wyatt won his baseball game Friday night!!


AFRo said...

Congratulations on all the ribbons! 'Specially the one for the pup... that's pretty amazing that she ran with the best of them at her age. You guys could make some money with that one!

Denise said...

Congrats on EVERYTHING Joy! Geez!! THe kids handling, the game! and THE PUPPY! Go Jet Go! That is so super awesome and you guys must be so proud :)

Kurt and Samantha said...

Congrats on the ribbons! That b-day party was awesome--what fun!