Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's that time of the year again

I mean Halloween time!

Well I know technically it is still a bit away but I have been sooo excited for it this year. I decided a little while back I wanted to make Abby her costume. She is going as a witch this year; a witch that wears a tutu!

I found a super cute tshirt at the greatest place on earth-Target. I had to try on her outfit the other night and of course snap some pics. So here she is minus her witch hat that I haven't picked up yet, but think pointy hat with some pink tulle on it:)

I also made this Sparkly orange and black one for a friend

I am gonna add this ribbon on it

Here is the finished product:

Now aren't those the cutest things ever!


Anonymous said...

Joy that is the cutest thing ever. I need to learn to get crafty. I think I may need to get Kennedy one of those. How much did you say they are? Just email me when you get time.


Elizabeth said...

Abigails costume will be cute. Love that orange and black one!

Tabi said...

Love it!!! That is so adorable!

Just The Girl said...

I love it - wanna make me one? I'll pay you!!!

Kurt and Samantha said...

Those are so cute! Abby is a doll and will be precious for Halloween. I too am excited about it this year!!

Solei said...

oh, your tutus are sooooooooo pretty!
I know my princess would just luv her 1 of those...
not now-now, since i'm jobless and all, but soon.
pls contact me!!!

Jodee said...

Hi Joy! I am Samantha's sister-in-law Jodee.....I just HAD to tell you that those tutu's are the cutest thing ever! I would love to know how to make those:) I love love love them!!! I know I don't have any girls...but I still would love love love to make those for special friends:) Halloween is my favorite~ oh Sam has my email if you don't mind to tell me your secret! And I think most of the cuteness is your beautiful daughter! She makes that outfit come to life!!!!

AFRo said...

You are welcome to take the pic. I stole it from a friend of mine earlier. I'm a coffee freak and it was an extremely accurate pic for me.

I want you to know that I just figured out where "The Boro" is and I'm so upset that we didn't know each other before now because that's exactly where my little brother lived at the time, I spent many weekends in your little neck of the woods. It is beautiful up there!

Lipstick said...

Those little tutus are so cute! I would love to know how to make one!

Dot said...

Really cute! Thanks for entering it in the contest and sharing...!