Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some good QT for the boys

A little while back Shane told me that he had one more vacation day he needed to burn before Oct. so when I remembered that Wyatt was getting out of school at 11 yesterday (for some random reason that I do not know) Shane said he would take the day off. Great he can take and pick up AWESOME no car rider line for me!!! Have I mentioned how horrid the traffic is this year and I have to get there at a minimum of 30 min. early in the afternoon so I am not number 1000 in the line to pick up.

Anyways cut to yesterday Shane does a great job of getting him there on time, thanks to me telling him more than once you have got to go NOW you are gonna be late. He did make sure to call and rub it in that he was not late dropping him off.

He also made it there in time that afternoon not to be number 1000 in line to pick up, and luckily even though he did not have his name card on his dash the teacher must have thought Shane looked safe enough and loaded him right into the car with him.

So that afternoon after lunch they headed off to have some man time together, they went down to a place Shane hunts and did a little duck and dove hunting:) Yes that is how we role my six year old loves to shoot a gun. Shane said Wyatt had a great time and didn't want to leave.

Now what isn't cute about a little guy in camo?

When I asked what Wyatt was doing in the pic Shane said he was stalking a dove to shoot. OK ladies calm down I hear ya it is a bbgun that he has. No one was harmed in the making of this photo, not even the dove:)

Wyatt and our old man Drake

But in all seriousness Shane has been waiting years for these moments. The time when he would have a son that he could share his love and passion for the outdoors with. Now that Wyatt has finally reached that age I see many more days like this in the future and many great memories made with a wonderful father and son. I can't wait until the day when Wyatt is grown and has a son to pass it onto and tells him the wonderful stories about when he was a boy hunting with his dad.


Elizabeth said...

Chuck says on a daily basis how he cannot wait to take Carter (and Mason) hunting. They also had some QT yesterday, went to the hunting farm to hang a tree stand and lunch at Wendys. Carter had a ball. Sweet times together.
Wyatt looks so big in the pictures!

angie said...

I can imagine this is a daddy dream. Cute boy. Gun. Dog. Bliss.

Kurt and Samantha said...

Oh that is too sweet everyone needs some good QT time. I can't wait until Kurt and Sarah get to spend some good times together, just hop in the truck and go!

Denise said...

That is a very awesome post!! Love it!!!!!!! Love the pics too

Bad Mommy said...

Awwwww, that's so sweet. I love little boys with guns ;)