Friday, September 26, 2008

Look who is getting all crafty again!

Yep it is me, it must be the cooler weather but I am just feeling all crafty lately. I saw this cute idea the other day, so technically I can not take the credit for the pumpkin decorating.

So this is what you will need:

Little Pumpkins (real or fake, I used fake) I picked them up at Hobby Lobby for less than a $1/pc since they were on sale!

Hot Glue

Ribbons (If you scrapbook you should also have a ton of this stuff laying around)

An OH so cute helper! Make sure you have a Tinker Bell blanket to sit on also:)

Now get those creative juices flowing and get some matching ribbons and get to glueing.

Oh also if you have an oh so cute helper as in my case be sure to buy her a sparkly pumpkin to decorate

She loves her sparkly pumpkin with it's pink and green ribbon

Here ya go! A super easy, pretty cheap decoration that will also make a great gift for the teacher. That is if you are into winning the "Best Mom" award from the teacher, and most of you know this is always my goal. I am sooo gonna be her favorite, especially after she gets a look at my Christmas gift baskets!!

If you want to see more you can also go here.


Tabi said...

So very cute!! I keep seeing people doing these everywhere! Going to have to get some pumpkins!

Kurt and Samantha said...

those are really cute--I did some of those last year and put them in a bowl for decor! your little helper is way too cute!

Tiffany said...

SO cute! Your cam out great!

Elizabeth said...

Very cute! You have got way too much time on your hands. :-)

Denise said...

Very very cute Joy! (and so is yoru helper )

Solei said...

Oh no! Now you're gonna get me crafting some more!!!
These miniature pumpkins are sooo cute, I ESPECIALLY love the helper. I got me 2 of those, so I think I'm good to start decorating pumpkins, lol.

Jodee said...

Gosh that winning the "best mom" award is so familar! I think I got it last year for preschool...but totally failing already this year and it isnt even my fault! I am so going to be like you next year with the requesting of the teachers!!!! Thanks for your tips! lol

Mama's Losin' It said...

Cute! Those must have taken you forever. I love them!

Solei said...

You're a coupon clipper just like me!
I wish I had a publix around here!!! It looks like they have good deals :(