Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wildlife, Rehearsal, a Wedding, oh and Waffle House

That about sums up our weekend. A long time friend, as in we have known him since way back in high school, finally became a married man. He is the last of the bunch to do it.

The weekend started off on Friday afternoon, hubs went and signed little man out of school early and we headed off to Montgomery Bell State Park which just happens to be a little over an hr away. Yea and the gas prices also just happen to spike this same day!

The park is very pretty and we were immediately met by some wildlife

We pulled up to the little very old church and in true Josh fashion he was running late, seriously I have rarely known him to be on time. So while we waited Wyatt searched for more little critters and found a lizard and lots of little dead baby snakes (more on the baby snakes later). They made it thru rehearsal and we went over to a pavilion in the park and ate lots of fried food. His father cooked some great fish, fries, hush puppies and shrimp. The boys and Abby took a walk to the water where Wyatt found this cute little guy, don't worry he put it back.

It was a very hot night but also lots of fun.

Fast forward to Saturday, since the guys had to be there early hubs and a friend headed down and his wife rode with me. I was a bit nervous I would get us terribly lost but I managed to make it with out one wrong turn! It was SOOOO hot when we got to the little old church (that btw has no AC) the guys weren't to excited to be hanging out in a tux in the heat. Seriously he looked hot and not from the heat!

I have seen him in a tux on many occasions over the many years but it never gets old.

Oh and for more on those baby snakes...We had all talked about these dead ones and wondered about the live ones, well sure enough we open the door to walk in to the church and one almost got stepped on! It was just laying there in the middle of the isle.

Now to the reception, I had been let in on the secret by the bride the night before that she had hired Gnash which is the Nashville Predators (NHL hockey) mascot. The groom loves hockey. I was also very excited because I too love hockey and love to watch Gnash do his version of the "history of the dance". Wyatt was jealous that mommy and daddy got to get pics made with him.

We had a great time at dinner, we sat with 2 other couples. One of them we see every day but we hadn't seen the other in years and I had not met his wife. It was a blast and they were both great company for us, especially since we are pretty adult time deprived. I made hubs dance with me to a few songs it was so nice since this is a very rare thing & we even got to dance to our song from our first dance as a married couple.

We made it home way passed our bed time but enjoyed it all. Since Gram had the kiddos we were bums and slept til 9:30 Sunday and then woke up and went to Waffle House to eat. Seriously that is some good food:) It use to be a very regular thing for us back in the day, but we hadn't eaten there in years but ya know what, that food never changes.

All in all it was a great weekend even though we missed our neighbors fund raiser party. She has breast cancer and they held a party to raise money to pay her medical bills. They raised a little over $6000 which is AWESOME! On top of that she got news on Thursday that all of her tumors are gone and she is cancer free!!! We are all very happy for her and can't wait to see her all better.


Just The Girl said...

You guys look so it that after many years you still can tell you really love him.

Thanks for the vote :)

Tabi said...

It's funny you mentioning waffle house, I was just telling my husband this weekend that I have never actually had a waffle at the waffle house! Have you?

Solei said...

Definitely a "Wedding Weekend"!

You and your hubs look so cute in those pics, must've been nice= a night without kids, yet I got stuck home WITH the kids!
What did I do wrong?

Kurt and Samantha said...

It looks like you guys had a good time without the kiddos, you definately deserved it. I haven't ate at the WH in years, but now that you mentioned it I may have to go!!

Elizabeth said...

Good ole awful waffle. That really makes me want to gag, but I am glad you enjoyed it. :-)