Monday, September 29, 2008

Let's go fishing!

Since the weather is still not so "fallish" feeling outside we thought yesterday would be the perfect day to go out on the boat and go fishing. This use to be something hubs and I did all the time but since the kiddos came along it has not been so frequent, well hubs and Wyatt still go but Abby is just getting to the age that she is able to go. So we loaded up and off to the lake we went. It was a very warm (mid 80's) and sunny day, perfect lake weather-not to hot but just warm enough to enjoy it.

Her daddy was so proud of her for getting her own worm out of the dirt (notice the pink & purple princess pole)

The fishing got off to a slow start but then we found a good spot and were catching tons of them or should I say the kids were catching tons of them!

That's right even a Princess pole can reel them in!

Daddy's girl

Wyatt said it was hot and wanted to get into the water, here he is trying to climb back into the boat. The water was a wee bit chilly:) but he would never admit it since we had both told him it would be cold, but he wanted in anyways.

He also caught some fish, he wanted to keep them to eat!

She wanted to pet the fish

Then we saw this, isn't he pretty? Not sure how long it had been hanging there right in front of us.


Just The Girl said...

Sounds like a great day...I would have scream bloody murder if I saw that snake..I so scared of them it's not funny!

Solei said...

Snake... not so pretty.
Your kids... ADORABLE!

My girls have been asking me to go fishing, but I've never, ever done it!
Plus me, touching those worms, yuk!!!
Can I borrow your little one?!?! She has no problem touching those slimy things!

Kurt and Samantha said...

I can't believe that she touched that worm-her daddy must be so proud!! If I saw that snake I would have screamed and had to leave--I hate those things! Enjoy some of the last days on the lake.

Solei said...

Hey Joy!!!
Can you come over to my blog and play?!?!? lol, j/k but please do come over to my blog. I have something for ya!