Thursday, May 7, 2009

Writer's Workshop Thursday

The Prompts:

1.) Create a video for your blog (vlog) and participate in Tim's "vlogemotions" by talking about an emotion you've felt this week. -Yea I don't have time and plus the kids are so freaking loud it would drive you insane!

2.) Do you want a baby? -Um yea NO, well if we get like mega rich and I can have a big ol house with a nanny and a housekeeper I would have 2 more because even though I puke my guts out a majority of the time and I barely sleep I loved being pregnant and birthing kids is a piece of cake for me:)

3.) Who got in big trouble this week? -Can we make a list?

4.) Write a poem for your mother.-Um yea NOOOO haven't I mentioned her craziness

5.) Time for a trip? Where are you headed this summer?...Or where would you go if you Could. -OH yea this one is right up my alley.

Well like I mentioned yesterday hubs and I are headed somewhere out of town in a couple weeks ALONE!  Can I get a woooohoooo! This is what we are doing for our anniversary, we have never been anywhere out of town with out the kids.  Don't get me wrong I love my kids but I spend all day everyday with them and mama needs a break!

A couple weeks ago I made our reservations for our trip to the beach. Oh yea I am so excited I LOVE the beach and would go for like a month if I could. Unfortunately it will only be a week long trip though. This will be year 5 that we have gone to this place and we Love it.

So come July these will always be close by as I sit on the warm white sand and listen to the waves

There will be lots of lounging in the sun, floating in the ocean, eating yummy food, and just generally being lazy. Oh and I will be forcing my family to pose for lots of photos!

Then maybe if I can convince my hubs, come August we may take a short trip to The Outer Banks and meet up with his sis, her hubs and 2 kids. Heck it is Free we just have to get there why the hell wouldn't we go don't you remember I love the beach!

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Heather said...

Have fun!!! And have a few of those mojitos for me. :)

Cristin said...

Oh so jealous! I'm trying to plan ONE night away with the hubs for our anniversary... no takers on staying with the kids yet though!

Have fun!

Kurt and Samantha said...

ENJOY!! That sounds like fun. I know you can't wait for the beach either, I love it too!!

Life with Kaishon said...

If it is free, you have to go! That's a no brainer : ). Have fun on your getaway : )!

Trudy said...

Visiting from Mama Kat's...that sounds like a wonderful trip this summer. I love the beach too! Hope you get some much needed rest and relaxation.

michelle said...

Hey to my favorite sister-in-law!!! I hope you guys come with us in August-we would have a blast!!! Talk Shane into it and if he can't come, will you PLEASE still come?? Can you hear me beggin from VA?!?!?!?