Monday, May 11, 2009

Dogs, Frogs, and Oh Yea Happy Mother's Day

So yep it was Mother's Day yesterday, a day to celebrate my greatness as the wonderful mommy the we all know I am.

How would such a day be celebrated? Breakfast in bed after sleeping in late? Pampering mommy while she sits and does nothing? A trip to the spa? A yummy not cooked by me lunch? and other great things that don't require much work from me?

Yea not so much. There was a wonderful breakfast prepared by the hubs and kids that consisted of homemade (Bisquick) heart shaped biscuits, with chocolate gravy and fruit with dip. Unfortunately said breakfast was eaten way to early for my liking in about 10 minutes as we had to rush out of the house. Shane didn't even get to enjoy the breakfast that we scarfed down so fast we were barely able to enjoy it. But it was the thought that counts-right?

Where were we off to in such a hurry at such an early hour? Why a hunt test for the beloved dog of course!

Shane had ran her Saturday and needed to also run her Sunday so she could earn her title. She passed both days with flying colors and is now officially worth more;) any takers? j/k kinda

Saturday evening we went to the dinner and to pick up her ribbon. They also had a junior handler run and Wyatt ran Jet in it. He did awesome and had daddy not been standing to close she would have come to Wyatt and heeled instead of going to daddy which is where she knows she is suppose to go:) He also got a blue ribbon which he is very proud of.

All joking aside I did have a good time with the fam yesterday, the kids loved playing with the other kids and just getting to have a care free day with the occasional check in with mom or dad. There was LOTS and LOTS of mud since we have gotten almost 7 inches of rain since the start of May! We almost had to swim to the back to watch Jet do her water run, only the swimming was in mud. Wyatt fell in it first thing and was covered knee down.

Here is my girl fetching up a duck in the water.

Yes ducks were harmed in the making of this weekend sorry all you duck lovers out there

One of the things is you have to wear camo as not to distract the dogs. Here is my girl just putting all the camoed others to shame with her OMG to cuteness

Also while watching the water runs the kids discovered that the frogs ran plentiful and the hunt began. They picked up three in a matter of minutes. This was much more interesting to them then the tests being ran!

And another to prove my girl even though she has her girly side is not afraid to slip into the tomboy role as needed.

Yes that is a frog crawling out of her pocket they wanted to keep it and were trying to figure a way to smuggle it out.

me and my loves on mommy's day
No I didn't have on my camo shirt I bought this one there that day to support a guy who is donating half his profits to breast cancer

And here is how the day ended!

Yep that is 3 buckets of water being dumped on Wyatt and the hubs. It is a tradition at the hunt club to water you down when you dog earns a title. Shane made Wyatt join him hence the holding him in his lap.

Oh and what do you get a wonderful mommy like me for her day? Why these of course!

Oh yea I am that loved! Now aren't you jealous of me?


jenn said...

Looks like a fun day, even if it wasn't the usual pampering for Mother's Day.

I love the frog picture.

So I'm thinking you need to tell your husband that you deserve a different day of pampering, since you were so busy on Mother's Day. It's worth a try, right?

Bad Mommy said...

Lol. I miss Nebraska.

What an awesome OMFG, please tell me you're blowing up and framing that picture of Abby. That is the most precious picture I've ever seen. :)

Elizabeth said...

This proves what a great Mommy and especially wife you are to spend "your" day doing this. Yeah, he owes you.
I noticed Abby isnt actually touching the frog in the pic? Did she touch them? Yuck!!

Kurt and Samantha said...

Whew!! What a day! You are a great Mommy and Wife!! At least he fixed you breakfast. Cute pics of the kids, Abby looks adorable all decked out in her camo. I cannot believe that she likes frogs.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Sounds like a great day to me! Heart shaped biscuits with chocolate gravy? Got a recipe on that? Sounds too good to be true!

Laufa said...

Your girl is so adorable in her camoes!!

Multislacking Mama said...

HI! First Visit! Found you from Bad Mommy :) Your children and your black lab is beautiful. I have a black and a brown. The black is the baby.

I enjoyed reading!