Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Come eat here we'll throw food at you"

There is a new Japanese hibachi place that just opened down the road and they should seriously put this on their sign. I am sure it would attract all kinds of people to their brand new establishment!

We met with the FIL and his soon to be bride (as in tomorrow) last night for dinner, I had been anxiously awaiting the opening. We took the kids to one last year and they loved the dinner and the show put on by the chef.

I strategically placed Abby on the corner furthest away from the huge flames I knew would be coming:) She loved eating with chopsticks (of course they were kiddyised with the rubber band)

here she is eating rice like a pro

and her carrots

we didn't order her any food but the chef just kept piling it on her plate so needless to say I have plenty for lunch today. I also can't believe I am saying this but they had some really good sushi! YES I said SUSHI ya know the raw fish wrapped in seaweed:) We got Spicy Tuna rolls and yum I will be going back for more.

The very best part of the night though had to be the throwing of food at Wyatt in the form of smashed shrimps! We recently watched America's Funny videos and he saw a video of this and thought it was hilarious. So when I told him where we were eating he was all pumped about maybe getting it done to him. Much to his delight we had a wonderfully funny chef and he made Wyatt's wish come true-he didn't even have to ask. Shane was not so good and got hit in the eye with his shrimp!

Hope those others on the end don't mind being broadcast on the web it was her birthday and they were fun to sit with. That is Pappy and Mindi in the video by Wyatt and I am sure I have their permission to post them:)


Anonymous said...

I have only been to one of these restaurants once and loved it! I want to take Jason. Glad you liked it!! Cute video!

Mama Kat said...

We have one near our house too and I want to take the kids. But there is no WAY they would be that proficient with chopsticks. She's got SKILLZ!

jenn said...

I'm impressed by how well she does with those chopsticks. I can't even do that.

Looks like so much fun.