Friday, April 3, 2009

So what's keeping me busy these days?

Well these are just two of the things or should I say little people:)

No, I did not hide a pregnancy and delivery of another child, this is the little baby sister of the girl I keep. I have started keeping her part time in preparation of her mommy going back to work in a couple weeks.

Abby just loves her she wants to help with her constantly. She brings her baby dolls when she cries and tries to help with her bottle. I just wished she would learn how to change a diaper!

And I know I mentioned it before but OMG is a sleeping baby not just the sweetest thing ever? Remember quiet and happy.

So make sure to keep me in your thoughts this summer as I will be in control of 4 yes count them 4 kids ALL SUMMER LONG. School will be getting out in a little over 1 month and will not resume til mid August. I may or may not loose my mind in the process, hey who are we kidding I have been crazy for quite some time now. Oh and I will be driving my own personal bus today loaded down with car seats and kids!

And while we are on the topic of car seats. I feel as though I am a relatively intelligent person, so I can totally understand how those who are shall we say less than intelligent can be frustrated by the installation of said car seat and totally give up and just strap the kid down with duck tape or something more easy! I mean seriously I was in a full on sweat installing that dang infant car seat base, those things are horrid when you don't have a car with the tether system and have to rely on the old standard of a seat belt. I am pretty sure it took me 4,367 attempts to get that thing in there tight enough and straight enough and I am pretty sure some expert would still tell me it's not right.

Now off to make me and Abby lunch before kids start waking up and it turns into shear chaos around here.


Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said... go girl! I am so glad it's not me. I pull my hair out daily just keeping up with my three :)

Tabi said...

Ahhh....the smell of a sweet baby....I miss that...just not enough to do it again!!

Mama Kat said...

Babies are the BEST when they are sleeping! Their little eyelashes and their pouty lips. Perfection.

jenn said...

You're braver than I am! But babies are sweet.