Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend wrapup

Our weekend technically got started on Friday since there was no school. It was a beautiful, sunny and HOT weekend here in TN. Not sure what happened to spring but 89 seems more like summer to me.

Friday we enjoyed the shade in the back yard

Abby is all about the baby she just loves to love on her-poor thing sometimes I think if she could talk she would tell her to back off!

Saturday of course was baseball time; thankfully we had a 9:30 game since it was so hot.

and if I can just take a minute to really brag on my little man. He and daddy have really been working on his hitting and are even going to the batting cages. Well Friday evening's trip must have really done something because he had two awesome hits from daddy pitching and did not have to hit off the tee (6yr old they can hit off the tee or be pitched to but it is still 3 strikes your out either way). The best part though was his 2nd up to bat! He got a HOMERUN I was SOOOO freaking proud of him. This is his first of the season (hopefully not last). The team we played on Saturday was all business, no kiddy stuff for them-so the fact that he made it around all the bases was awesome!! Oh and he got an RBI with it also.

After the game we were off to the airport to see daddy away, he had a work trip to Baltimore. He had to go learn some more stuff. After dropping him we did some shopping-the kids had some money burning holes in their pockets. Wyatt couldn't resist buying more legos-as if he needs anymore and Abby bought them a sprinkler.

I must have had some burning a hole also cause I couldn't resist buying these for my little man. I can see him now strolling on the beach looking SO handsome.

I couldn't find the shirt and shoes on their site so I snapped a pic

After that we headed to the movies to see Monsters VS Aliens, in 3D no less. which brings me to a point about the cost of a movie ticket these days. You would think with the economy in crapper they would make some things a little more accessible to the common person. I spent $19.50 on 2 tickets! and $14 on 1 popcorn and 1 drink! It is ridiculous.

But Abby did look funny in her 3D glasses

Yesterday we headed to Old time pottery to buy lots of flowers, I had 2 pots on the front porch and one huge pot on the back deck that were in need of filling with color. I am not all that creative with flower arranging so I cheated and found some online I liked and then went and bought those flowers:) I will have to take some pics once they fill out and look better, but I think they look great if I do say so myself.

Also since it was so sunny and HOT yesterday the kids decided to try out the new sprinkler.

now it is Monday and back to same ol same ol-Ya know carrider line, kids, wiping behinds, etc. So how was your weekend? good I hope


McAngie said...

Whew, what a weekend you guys had! It was definately nice here in Tennessee, but hot! Already!

Kudos to Daddy for helping Wyatt improve on batting!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Sounds like a great weekend :)

Tabi said...

A HOME RUN!!! That is AWESOME!! I am putting up some pics of our game right now! I know how exciting that must have been for you!

I am also with you on the stupid tickets! The only way we got to go see that movie was by going to the matinee!

Sounds like a fun weekend!! Hope you have an equally great week!

jenn said...

I love the picture of Abby in the glasses. That's the only way Shiloh will wear her sunglasses. "Right-side down" as she says. Haha.

I haven't taken Shiloh to a movie yet. She gets scared if there is anything even remotely scary (like the weeds chasing them on the Tinkerbell movie) so I'm afraid she would start screaming.

Kurt and Samantha said...

Abby looks so sweet loving on that baby--are you sure you dont want another one? Way to go Wyatt!! All of that hardwork is paying off for him. Love the finds from the weekend, the sprinkler looks fun and cool. I am with you on the movie tickets--just ridiculous!!

Elizabeth said...

Wow, I think you may have a future baseball star on your hands. Way to go Wyatt! I can see you now Joy, I am sure the whole ballpark heard you screaming when he hit that.