Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A fun Easter weekend

So after a bad,Good Friday the rest of the weekend shaped up nicely.

Saturday we headed to the zoo for a birthday party of the little girl I watch. They were also having their Zoo eggtravaganza. It was shall we say a little less than springlike that morning-you never know what weather you will get here at Easter.

We got there just in time for the next egg hunt. She was SOO excited.

Here she is "patiently" waiting to be released into the field

She was a bit disappointed when she started picking them up and discovered they were empty. She would pick them up shake them and throw them down. She was happy though when they gave her a goodie bag when she turned the eggs in.

ignore the dirty tights she fell the moment we got there!

After the zoo we headed straight to the ball park for Wyatt's game (which they won BTW!)

Our little ball team is really coming together and looked really good on Saturday. They were making great plays just like the big guys.

Saturday night being the good mommy that I am I stuffed eggs and baskets then went out in the cold night to hide eggs. Wyatt was the first to wake and we managed to hold him off til almost 8 believe it or not. They loaded up on candy, clearance Easter items from last year, a couple movies, Lego's, ponies etc. Needless to say they are a bit spoiled:)

yes we hunt eggs in pjs!

We then headed to Gram's for more spoiling

gotta love those gobbles aka goggles on Abby

and some posing for pictures which let me tell ya is a painful experience

I think this was the prettiest and warmest Easter we have had in a while and considering the weather on Good Friday it was well deserved for those here in the Boro.

so I know I gone on and on about this tornado but I had to add one more thing

This was sent to me by my neighbor that lives behind me, the guy that lives across the street from them snapped this pic of it from his yard! I am just glad I was hiding in the closet with the kiddos and did NOT see this out my front window or I may have peed my pants.


Elizabeth said...

Abby looks so cute in both of her dresses. I hear ya about picture taking of the kids being a painful experience. Mason is at the impossible age.

McAngie said...

Oh your kids are so cute! We need to get together for a playdate! I live off Hwy 96 on Lascassas.

Jodee said...

I loved Abby's Easter dress- I seen it at Old Navy too- thought it was the cutest little dress- sure glad a cute little girl got to wear it!!!she is a doll!

Tabi said...

The kids look great all duded up for Easter!! Great pics!

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

HOly tornado??? WHAT??

And you take your little girl to an easter egg hunt in a DRESS!

AND.. you hide (erm.. Imeantheeasterbunny) the eggs outside?? We are so lazy (erm..ourlazyeasterbunny) we hide them inside!!

jenn said...

Aww! They both look so cute. And Shiloh's tights were black at the knees from falling so much. Posing is almost impossible right now.

A friend of mine showed me a picture he took on his phone. Crazy!

Bad Mommy said...

OMG, I would have crapped. I seriously have tornado nightmares!!

So glad you are okay....

Thanks for the Easter post... finally. ;)

Bad Mommy said...

Just letting you know that I emailed you the code!

Sarah @ said...

I'm a first-timer here, but YOURKIDSARESOCUTE,OHMYGOODNESS. I just had to get that out.

I'm glad you had a pleasant Easter, even if the picture-posing was painful =)

Kurt and Samantha said...

They looked adorable all dressed up with their Easter loot. I can't ever get a good picture either. I can't believe that tornado picture--WOW!

Cristin said...

So late to the party here!

You are a much better Mommy than I... hiding eggs outside?? Wow... not me!

And that is one amazing shot of the tornado.... scary as Hell but amazing! Glad you're all ok!