Monday, April 6, 2009

Play Ball!

Saturday was a gorgeous opening day at the ball park. We have been excited about the new baseball season and after a rain out on Thursday night it finally got off to a chilly start Saturday morning. The day turned into a beautifully sunny and warm day so all was not lost, except for our game:)

Here is my baller looking so grown up and cute

Here are him and Abby (our little cheerleader) pretending to like each other

They had lots of fun stuff going on there that included the landing of a Black hawk helicopter-during our game no less!

Our Favorite mascot Gnash was there

Wyatt had a good game and played very well in his new 2nd base position. All the kids had a blast even though we lost.

Here he is on his first at bat (that's daddy pitching)

And on first base, don't you love his airbrush helmet? yep that's how we role here.

And their caricatures which we stood in line for 18hrs to get

No I am off to the shower before the baby wakes and I have to be stinky all day!


Tabi said...

Love all the pictures! Your kids are soo stinkin adorable!! A blackhawk at the awesome is that!?!?! Very cool..

Smoochiefrog said...

How great! Soon you'll have a major league player! :)

Jodee said...

THat is the cutest little picture with those two together- I like that comment about not liking each other! haha

My little boy would of loved that helicopter landing since he is consummed with all Army stuff!

Elizabeth said...

What a cute little ball player!
Mboro taking opening day seriously. Looks like they had all kinds of fun stuff.

Bad Mommy said...

That looks like some ball playin' right there. ;)

Kurt and Samantha said...

Cute little ball player and helmet, of course, the cheerleader was a cutie too!