Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A fun trip to the zoo

Shane's sis and kids are in town for a few days so we headed to the zoo on Sunday, that's back when it was warm and spring time still.

They had gotten some new animals on exhibit and the kids really wanted to see them and of course play on the playground.

this little baby tiger was one of two and OMG he was the cutest thing, I swear I could have brought him home and been the crazy big cat lady.

Abby was much braver than the boys and held the birds while feeding them cause she ain't no stinking scaredy cat

shortly after this pic was taken, I attempted to get the same bird that is there on the right, the one that looks like he has plucked his feathers and the zoo worker informed me "I would be careful with that one he tends to be nippy" as in he may bite you and take a chunk of skin with him. Oh thanks there mister you could have told me that when my 3yr old was just holding him mear inches from her oh so cute face!!

Checking out the Elephants

And then we managed to get all four of them to look at the camera and pretend to behave-I may or may not have told them that if they misbehave the zoo keepers will lock them up in cages!

Oh yea that's right she is the only girl among boys, is she spoiled? you bet. Did I totally win best DIL when I finally gave my MIL a little girl after all those boy-OH YEA

What trip would be complete with out a ride from daddy?


Elizabeth said...

Cute pictures of all 4 of them together. I cant believe how big Michelle's boys are! Poor Abby, always the only girl. I know she loves it though. You forgot to mention that you are the only DIL. :-) Now there maybe some competion among my Mom's DIL for the first granddaughter. I am out of the runnings!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

looks like a great time

Cristin said...

I love the Zoo... I think maybe more than the kids.... I can't wait to take them again.. hopefully the New England weather will cooperate and I'll be able to take them on Spring vaca.