Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Recap

I shall call this weekend Fun in the Sun and No Fun in the No Sun

Saturday was a Warm beautiful spring day, we spent most of it outside. We had a ballgame and OMG let me tell ya it was a game to forever go down in history. I have never cheered so much or so loud:) at one time I began to think it was a cheering match between the two bleachers.

We played an awesome game and Almost pulled it out, but it ended with Wyatt trying to score the winning run by running his hardest home after the coach sent him; unfortunately the ball got there before he did and he hasn't quite developed his slide or take out the catcher and make him drop the ball skills-just kidding on the taking out the catcher kinda so he got tagged out-MAN talk about a nail bitter-We did tie though.

Saturday was a prime example of why I LOVE my hubs being the WONDERFUL coach he is, and had that been my daughter that got her bat yanked out of her hand by her coach I would have been on that field and she would have been done with her Tball career right there. I will be nice and leave it at that but just know our tie and ALMOST win goes deep and it made our season:)

Look at how freaking cute this girl is; I mean seriously come on!

this is why I haven't kicked her and her Little Evil attitude out the house yet!

Wyatt is still doing well at his 2nd base position he made an out and was just a second short from making a second out.

gotta love the LL Cool J look going on there with his pants

Then we took the team for celebratory ice cream at Sonic-coach's treat. I told you he is the best coach ever

Then after the game and Sonic it was home to do a little manual labor in the garden. I thought this a perfect time to use my free child labor!

Heck they plan on eating the stuff we grow, they need to at least earn their keep!

And just because I love love bare feet in the dirt

like the foot tattoo? She wants to be like her mommy-aint she sweet?

Sunday, well it was a yucky rainy day spent mostly indoors, oh there was that trip to the grocery how fun.

Monday is back to reality and back to work for the lady I babysit for so I am back to full time work with both kiddos, how fun. Monday also means no more sleeping in, even if it is just one extra hour I LOVE that extra hour I NEED that extra hour-I hate Mondays


Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

What cuties....

jenn said...

She is a cutie.

As cool and rainy as it was Sunday, Shiloh refused to wear a sweater over her spaghetti strap dress. I didn't force her. I figure she knows if she's cold. I did get a few evil looks from strangers at the restaurant.

McAngie said...

Oh Saturday was a beautiful day. And she is a doll! Go Wyatt!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

I tagged you...come see.

Elizabeth said...

Must have been the garden planting weekend. Carter helped Ryan plant his and then I know of 2 other people who worked on theirs also. Did your husband remove his ring before digging?