Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa years gone by

We finally made it to see the big guy, aka Santa the other day. The kids had their lists all in their heads ready to lay it on him.

When we got there they informed us that we may or may not get to see him since it was almost time for Santa to feed the reindeer, we stood in line anyways figuring there would be no way he could turn some cuties away. Well we were lucky and they got to see him.

Wyatt told him he wanted a red Nintendo DS and Mario Cart for it, some Bakugan, a Spy gear tank and some other stuff. Abby said she wanted princess stuff not sure what else she said. Wyatt didn't want to sit on his lap but beside him, but Santa forced him to do it anyways.

I had to reminisce on the years gone by and visits to Santa and I thought I would share them with you guys.

2002-Wyatt was only 5 1/2mths old and luckily to young to be scared.

2003-This was the year we had to wait for him to get back from feeding his reindeer and so the excitement kinda wore off and the nerves set in, it took some bribing to get him on the big guys lap, notice the crayon in one hand Hershey's kiss in the other, oh and the big tear on his cheek.

2004-All is good, with Wyatt at least, but what is up with the angry Clause?

2005-Last year all alone with the big guy

2006-Time to start sharing the lap

2007-we had breakfast with them and listened to he and Miss Clause read a story

and finally this year


Heather and Jason said...

Those pics were all so sweet! I loved seeing the kiddos when they were smaller. Merry Christmas!

Jodee said...

Thanks for my comments on my blog!

I had to check out Wyatt and his missing two front teeth! WOW his showed up great in his Santa picture! I can't believe Abby used to be a little brunette! So cute both of them in all the Santa pictures.

BTW...I had a mean Santa two years in a row! I never noticed it till this year when I was looking back, thinking gosh he ruined the picture!!!

Kurt and Samantha said...

This years picture was very good! They are both so cute. I liked looking at the old ones and seeing how much they have changed. Merry Christmas!

jenn3 said...

Such cute pictures! We tried to get Shiloh's picture with Santa at the Bass Pro shop on Saturday. No amount of bribing would convince her to even stand next to him. She was freaking out. (And she's not shy of strangers.) Maybe next year...

jenn3 said...

Oh, and have a merry Christmas! :)

Bad Mommy said...

Merry Christmas Miss Joy!!

The Spencers said...

You always do such a fabulous job on your blog. I cqan't find the time to be so creative!

Elizabeth said...

Aw, what cute Santa pics. I like Abbys striped dress. What is up with the Santa from 2005? He looks like hes from 1985.