Thursday, December 11, 2008

He gets to have all the fun

So I mentioned previously about Shane leaving for 5 days, well he went to South Dakota to go pheasant hunting. Was I jealous-YEP! jealous that he was in South Dakota-Not so much after all it was about 10 degrees there! But I was jealous that he got to leave and go out of town to do something he loves.

He brought back some pretty pictures of the frozen state.

There was frozen water that big grown men had to walk over-I just wish I could have been there to see them slipping and sliding all over the place, Shane said it was pretty hilarious.

But mostly there was just lots of snow and cold weather and frozen stuff.

Here is the great hunter himself

So since he was gonna be gone all weekend the kids and I loaded up and went to my dad's house Friday night. He lives almost 2hrs away and it had been a while since we had made the drive up there. It was a cold weekend but we bundled up and braved the cold anyways, after all there were things to be done.

Like feeding cows

Abby was so excited to see the baby cow. Although she wasn't so baby anymore she had gotten big and Abigail was a bit intimidated when I walked away from her and the cows were eyeballing her, wanting her to move so they could get to their hay.

and riding four wheelers-Yes this was very cold.

here's Abby attempting to drive

We had a fun cold weekend but were happy to get home since that meant Shane would be home soon.


Elizabeth said...

We need to start planning our next girls weekend away!! :-)

Kurt and Samantha said...

I agree with Liz, I think us Moms need to leave the Daddy's home for a weekend and we all go have fun.

Anonymous said...

UMMMM....I don't see the desperate housewives getting out in the near future!