Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Traditions

I decided when we had Wyatt I wanted to make Christmas traditions that he would have many fond memories of when he became an adult, now years and Abigail later we have quite a few that we celebrate during the month leading up to Christmas.

So I have already told you about Jingles the elf here. Well he comes the first morning of December and leaves with Santa on Christmas eve.

We also do an Advent Calendar, every morning Jingles leaves them a little something, it can be candy or small toys or a snow globe but they each get something. Here is Jingles hanging out on the calendar-oh and we hang an ornament every day.

This year both of them got a new small one from Germany compliments of Mindy the kids love their little different shaped piece of German Chocolate every morning.

We also always do some sort of Gingerbread kit, in the past we have done a train, a house and this year we did a tree.



08-more on this later

We load up in the car, get hot chocolate (Starbucks), and go look at Christmas lights. There is an awesome house here that does them to music it is crazy, also George Jones (country singer) lives not far down the road and he has a huge display at his home.

The kids have always had the same stockings and Shane and I have had the same since our first Christmas here in our house.

Every year I buy a new ornament while at the beach. We have gone to the same place 4 years in a row. I also buy a new ornament for the kids each year. Decorating the tree is very special for me. We have many ornaments with great memories. I have a few from my first Christmas way back in 78, both the kids first Christmas, and ornaments we had before we had kids. More on this later with pics included.

Shane and I usually do all our shopping for the kids in one big shopping spree. We drop the kids at MIL's and shopping we go then we eat dinner out, it is like a little date night for us. We have done a little here and there this year but will be going Sunday I am sooo excited to get it all done.

We make Reindeer food (oatmeal, green, red, and white sugar) and on Christmas Eve we go out in the front yard and sprinkle it around.

On Christmas Eve they get to open their special pj's that they will wear to bed and on Christmas morning. Before bed they put cookies out for Santa on a special plate and some milk. Then Shane reads "Twas the Night Before Christmas".

I stay up late on Christmas Eve wrapping all their Santa gifts that I use special paper for that is only used on Santa gifts.

Christmas Morning is just us opening gifts from each other and Santa. Then it's clean up time. My dad and Shane's parents come over and we eat a huge breakfast and open a ton more presents.

Then last year we started a new thing on Christmas night we have a very nice special dinner just us four.

Have I mentioned this is my favorite time of the year??


Just The Girl said...

I love the traditions! I so hope that when my kids get older they will do these with their kids.

I wish hubby and I did the little shopping date thing...but we are both so busy this time of year I usually do all the shopping (on lunch hour or online).

I love this time of year too!

Thanks for sharing.

Bad Mommy said...

Again with the supermom stuff. :) Teach me, teach me!

jenn3 said...

I love hearing about all your traditions. I already bought Shiloh new pjs (that she can't see yet) for Christmas Eve. I got that idea from you. We're going to attempt a sugar cube house this weekend. I'm thinking I should have bought a kit. Haha.

The Spencers said...

We have just started doing elf on a shelf this year. Jacob can't wait to get up and find him each morning.


Kurt and Samantha said...

I love all the traditions. We, too, are starting our own traditions with Sarah. The gingerbread houses are awesome--love the tree one. Abby's red and white pj's are so cute!!