Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 08

OK Fess up you know you're glad it's over-I know I am; only problem all this STUFF and what to do with it!

We had a great time, the kids got WAY too much stuff and now I am suffering & trying to find a place to put it all. I did pretty good and the hubs got some good stuff himself. Our big one is still to come-we are getting new floors in the kitchen, living room and hall. Hardwood to be exact, we've got to get rid of this dirty carpet that my children have pretty much ruined.

I had to do collages because I took 523,781 pictures over all the celebrations.

Lets start with Christmas Eve-We went to his aunts house & were an hour late cause that's how we roll :) then home to open their special Christmas jammies and to my surprise hubs got me some also to open:), then track Santa thanks to NORAD we found out they were in Argentina, out to feed the reindeer, change into said jammies, put some milk and cookies out, Daddy reads "Twas the Night Before Christmas", then off to dream land. Then mommy locks the kids in their rooms and we stay up til Midnight wrapping all their stuff-then quickly realize they got WAY too much stuff.

On to Christmas Morning-6:30AM to be exact!!!
Yep seems as though all those "reports" from Jingles were good and Santa came. He ate all his cookies and drank all his milk, he also made a mess from the fireplace, which Shane had to vacuum up the next morning:)

(All the green and red presents are from Santa)

Here are some family pics-excuse my no makeup look I told you it was early!

And this one I HAD to share-Remember when I said that our new puppy Jet was famous by association? Well this will give you a bit more into that. See my hubs has some connections to a country music guy, and this singer who happens to sing one of my favorite songs has also written a book based on that song "My Little Girl". Anyone know this one? Well his connection put a bug into said singer/author's ear that Shane wanted one of these books for his little girl. Well he came thru and got Shane the book complete with an autograph from the author. Oh and a pic of him and his also very famous beautiful wife Faith signed by both of them!!! I had NO clue this was coming and was floored when she opened it, she loved the book & of course had no clue about the signature but oh well Mommy sure was happy about it.

Then after we somewhat got the destruction from mommy/daddy & Santa gifts cleaned up it was time for more with Gram, Pappy and Pa. We ate a huge yummy breakfast, then the real craziness began. They really racked up from the grandparents. The biggies were Abby's TV and big outside wooden playhouse and Wyatt's gun-yep that's how we do it here in the south 6yr olds get guns for Christmas:) and he also got a Nintendo DS.

Last night we went to Shane's dad and they got even MORE stuff from Mindy. Wyatt loves his basketball goal for his door and had to hang it up when we got home last night.

Today we were back to a bit more reality, but are planning on partying hard come New Years Eve-Not really we are old and boring and will just drop the kids with MIL and go out to eat.

Hope your Christmas was good and your house is as overrun with toys as mine is!!!


Kurt and Samantha said...

Their getting ready for santa ritual was too cute! It looks like Santa was good to them, along with everyone else:)! They racked up. I LOVE Abby's apron. Where did that come from? I love snowmen!! And the book--what is his connection? I have heard that they are good--did she like it? It looks like you all had a great Christmas. Have a great new year!

Kurt and Samantha said...

oh yeah, can't wait to see the hardwood. We have it all downstairs and love it!

Heather and Jason said...

Wow, thats cool about the book! I would love an autograph from Tim. Have a great new year!

Heather said...

I love your traditions! How cute! I can't wait to start that kind of stuff. :) And how cool is the autographed book??

Jodee said...

This has cracked me up, My 5 yr old got his 1st BB Gun, got the Red Nintendo DS,oh and the two front teeth,
I wanted to get that book for my niece Sarah, but when I started reading it, I was like NO WAY, that is a daddy's job, and look yours did it! AND WITH A BANG! I LOVE TIM & FAITH!
My kids have ALSO ruined our carpet, seems everytime I clean it, they spill something again on it! I have smashed goldfish, ice cream, Cran/grape juice and that is just this past week- I know there is more, just can't think of it~ My point- I want hardwood thru out too cause my kids are messy!

I think ole Santa was sure nice to all the boys and girls this year!

Jodee said...
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Elizabeth said...

You didnt tell me about Abbys book and Wyatts gun. You will have to let me read the book, I bet it is sweet.
BTW, tell Shane I am digging his pajama pants. :-)

jenn3 said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas. And I admit, I'm so glad it's over!

The Pred's game was really good on Friday. We beat the Red Wings 3-2.

Anonymous said...

Girl I am glad it is over too. I have been griping at Grace since Christmas day to "find somewhere to put that, I don't care where but out of here"!! I love the pic of Abby in the apron, her pose and all is so cute!!

Bad Mommy said...

I so adore said country singer and his wife. I'm jealous and MUST have that book. What an awesome Christmas post.

Happy New Year!

Lipstick said...

So glad that y'all had a wonderful Christmas!!