Monday, December 15, 2008

How would you like these people as your neighbors?

So we loaded up Friday night and did our run by Starbucks for Hot Chocolate and Hot Apple Spices and were off to look at Christmas lights.

There is a house here were we live that is pretty famous for their shall we say elaborate display. They have it all set to music!! It is crazy and fun but I could not imagine living next door to these people. There must have been a dozen cars parked on both sides of the road while we were there.

Abigail was loving it and was dancing her heart out,I recorded her but it was so dark you can barely see it. They have their own radio station you tune to and listen to the music. There were 5 songs this year.

Here is a little video I took.


Just The Girl said...

Wow! I love it but not if it was next door to me!

Heather said...

Is this "Planet Christmas"?

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, you gotta love that house. We went by and saw it last weekend. But I would hate them if they were my neighbors. I wonder if there neighbors get any sleep? And what about their electric bill!

jenn3 said...

Very cool. I'm pretty sure that's the one I went to last year. I haven't been this year and don't even remember where it is. (I went with friends last year.) They would drive me crazy if I lived next to them.

I'll have to take Shiloh next year. I doubt I'll have time this year. I am taking her to the ice sculpture thing in Nashville right after Christmas.

Kurt and Samantha said...

I love to go and look at lights--that one is pretty cool!