Thursday, November 6, 2008

Writer's Workshop: Just a few of my pet peeves.

Since I was a slacker and did not do my homework last week I thought I better think of something this week. If you want to get a writing assignment jump over to Mamakat and she will help you out!

I chose to write about 10 of my Pet Peeves.

1. Bad Drivers-I think this is the top of every ones list, especially if you are driving with your kids in the car and some idiot almost runs you over.

2. Parents who don't use a car seat! OMG I could flip out every time I see this, seriously are those people just completely stupid? As you can see I feel strongly about this. It also amazes me what I see in car rider line, for example the 1st grader who is riding in the front seat of his mom's SUV.

3. People who smoke around me or my kids, I am sorry all you smokers out there I hope not to offend you, BUT you chose to smoke not me so Please keep it to yourself and do NOT blow it in my kids face. Do you know how happy I was when they passed the smoking ban in all restaurants in our state? Oh and people who smoke in the car with their kids!

4. Rude kids, not the itty bitties that may not know better yet, but the ones that are old enough to know better. I can get your 2 yr old acting up at the store or restaurant (been there done that), but your 7yr old? really

5. That no one in my house knows how to replace a toilet paper roll but me.

6. When hubs shaves and leaves his little hairs everywhere in and around the sink! He has gotten better since I threatened to divorce him, but there is always room for improvement. ((waving hi honey))

7. When my neighbors don't cut their grass or take any bit of care in the outside appearance of their house.

8. The totally unaware parents at the playground, you know the one she is more concerned with talking on the phone or her friend who she met there and is totally unaware that her little terror of a child is being a playground bully.

9. Constantly having dirty dishes, I swear I feel like the dishwasher (or sink) is always full.

10. Waking early in the morning. I am not a morning person and if I had it my way I could sleep til at least 8am everyday, winter time maybe later!

Want more?


Elizabeth said...

Amen to #6!!

jenn3 said...

I agree with all of these! Haha. These all drive me crazy too. So I'll just copy your post and paste it on my page... Okay, I'm kidding. I didn't do the Writer's Workshop this week because I'm fighting a cold or something and I'm being a baby and didn't feel like thinking. There's always next week.

Solei said...

I've been so bad... I haven't done my homework for a very, very long time. Sorry MamaKat, but I will not be a dropout forever, i will be back!!!

Your list is 2 funny!!! And I most definitely agree with almost all of them, except he dirty neighbors 'cause that's me you're talking about, so watch it sister, lol!!! I figure I take care of the inside, it's hubby's job to take care of the outside, right??? but he works so much he never has time to do it, so my poor neighbors suffer. Oh well, too bad!

LazyCrazyMama said...

Hilarious!!! I wrote some of these for my list of pet peeves too!! LOL!!

Michelle said...

Ugh! I hate getting up early too! :)

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

oh man - your list is MY list!! I didn't say some of thee - but they are so mine - I don't think 10 was a big enough complaint number ha ha!!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Yes, I definitely think you were just getting into a rhythm. Perhaps Mama should have designated 20.

Mama Kat said...

The dishwasher is always full and I am ALWAYS cleaning up the same messes!!

Cristin said...

I share all of your peeves, except the last one.. I've always been a morning person... annoyingly so..

Liz said...

Your #8 = My #1....That mom...ugh.

Beadiful Things said...

Our neighbor's grass is about up to our knees! Yeah. I guess you could say that's pet peeve of mine too.