Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tricks or Treats?

We had a super fun Halloween Day. I got to go to the Pumpkin Patch with Wyatt (see below) it was a gorgeous day, that led to a nice and only slightly chilly evening of treat getting!

We got home after the field trip & I decided I could NOT let the at least one of the pumpkins go uncarved, I mean who gets three pumpkins and doesn't carve one of them? What kind of mom would I be? So I laid Abby down for what I thought would be a nice little cat nap before trick or treating but soon turned into a HUGE battle that included lots of screaming and crying oh and a little gagging, but I won and she slept for like 10 mins! anyways so I thought I would do a fun, quick pumpkin face but Wyatt had other plans and said it HAD to be scary. So he won and I did this

Do you see the spider eating the pumpkin? Oh and this picture is it on our friend's porch because that baby went with us to the party! I did NOT spend all that time on it to have it sit at home on my porch with me not there to enjoy it.

I have been planning Abby's Halloween costume since oh maybe Aug! I was SOOOO excited for her to finally get to show it off and run the streets getting candy-did I mention I made the tutu and the bow on her hat? I lost the battle last year with Wyatt and am now forced to buy the cheap off the rack from Target costumes, so not as much fun for mommy.

This year he went as a ninja, a cobra ninja if you asked him! His best friend was also a ninja but his costume was different, who knew there were so many Ninja types:)

We got an early start on the trick or treating since we had to stop at 2 neighbors then off to MIL's house and back to Wyatt's friends house where we ate chili, went trick or treating, made smores and had a great time hanging out with friends.

Wyatt had 2 friends with him trick or treating so I could barely keep up with them. Abby and I just took our time going from house to house getting candy. She LOVED it & had her "trick or treat's", "thankyou's" & "Happy Halloween's" down. I loved watching her walk up and try to "ring the bell" as she said.

I never got anymore pics of Wyatt in his costume because he was to busy playing with his friends, but here he is enjoying his smore by the fire.

I did get Abby to pose for one with mommy

And one more just cause I love it

I will have to share the video of her dance moves from the party later I am off to bed for now.


Kurt and Samantha said...

Love the costume pictures, Abby's turned out great!!Glad you all had a great time.

Elizabeth said...

I am sure you have an overload of candy, especially with 2 trick or treating. We have more than enough just from Carter. The kids looked great in their costumes. Good job on the pumpkin.

jenn3 said...

I love the tutu!

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

Hi there, so glad to "meet" you! Even if it was forced by Deb and Jay!

Good luck with the contest!

Awesome pumpkins and CU-ute witch!

Deb said...

You won our very first MISSION: Monday!! Yay!

I will need to get the answers to the questions from you. Email me at

If you have all the correct answers, you will win the bag, AND be one of our featured bloggers for next week's mission (if you want to). This week's featured bloggers really had fun with it and definitely saw increased traffic.

ok, so email me! deb

Just The Girl said...

I love your pumpkin! And your little girl is so cute with that tu tu...