Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I got the rest of them!

So first thing this morning I had to check my email because I have been so excited to see the other pictures from Abby's session. They are great I have no idea how I will choose. If you didn't see the first ones click here. There are so many GREAT ones that I didn't show I have no clue what to do!

These are some cute piggies

Her big pink pettiskirt

She didn't want to take this one off

I just love it-This will more than likely hang in her room

Trying to catch some bubbles


Denise said...

omg omg omg they are the best!! i love them so much! good luck choosing :)

Anonymous said...

She's are lucky parents....I am a blessed Pappy!

Anonymous said...

Joy they are Beautiful!! I will email you my kids new pics. Kennedy was not very cooperative so we did not get to do all of the things she has planned for us. I may have to try your people out sometime.


Mama's Losin' It said...

SOOOO cute!!! Looks like you're going to be shelling out a lot of money in order to keep them all.

I love the cowboy hat and tutu though. SUPER cute!!

Elizabeth said...

You know what I think. Shes beautiful. Maybe you should just have an Abby shrine on a wall in your house then you can just get all of them. :-) If you can get an extra 4x6 I will take the 2nd one, the close up of her with her hairbow. :-)

Kurt and Samantha said...

Oh Joy, how will you ever choose? She is beautiful! I love the one with the cowboy hat!!

Joy said...

Liz-do you think Wyatt would get jealous over the Wall of Abby? or do you think he would even notice I had no pictures of him up there because I am seriously considering this idea how will I ever choose.

Bad Mommy said...

OMG She is so freaking cute.

Heather said...

What beautiful pictures!!!