Saturday, August 16, 2008

Date Night

Well last night Shane and I did something we have never done before-we hired a babysitter! Yes that is right we have never had a "babysitter" only family or a close friend has ever watched the kiddos. Isn't that sad?

Last night we had a wedding we were going to so we thought we give a girl a try. The kids were so excited and truthfully so was I :) We don't get out that often without kids and a chance to be all dressed up and get some good food and drinks for free was even better.

I of course had to take my camera to prove that Shane and I do know how to dress up and look nice. Thanks for the dress Liz and I wore these $11 Target shoes

Some of those free drinks


Anonymous said...

You all looked great.


Elizabeth said...

Girl you look smokin in that super cute dress! ;-) Someone very nice must of let you borrow it.

Denise said...

Come on! You guys are hot!!! Ya look fab and Im glad you had fun ;)

Sasha said...

What a pretty dress! Looks like a fun night out!

Now that you have a sitter, you'll have to go out more!

Kurt and Samantha said...

Too cute! Glad you guys could get out without kids and enjoy yourselves. The dress is cute too, you look great!

The Spencer Family said...

You look so pretty! Shane looks like he has lost some weight! You guys look great!

Mama's Losin' It said...

Oh my gosh! So I started a secret blog that I can vent on that my family can't see and I accidentally posted to my REAL blog. AAAAHHHHHHH!!!! I've been freaking out ever since. Thankfully I don't think she read that post...I've learned a valuable VALUABLE lesson and I'm deleting that blog ASAP!!

Here's hoping she doesn't subscribe to a feed!!! EEK!!

Hey can you forward me the post?? I deleted it and now I can't remember exactly what I said...

Don't worry about it if it's too much of a hassle.