Thursday, August 28, 2008

We are on a winning streak

Make that 2 games in a row won:)

The kids all did Awesome tonight they were all so in it, they were all hitting great & paying attention out in the field.

I did take a video of Wyatt's first up to bat but I won't force you to watch it:) just know he had a great hit from daddy pitching.

He did have a bit of an injury tonight and almost bailed out! He jammed his finger when he almost caught a fly ball-oh he was so close to catching that ball and getting his money. He went on to finish the inning and make another play that resulted in an out. BUT then he went into the dugout and had a moment to think about it and the water works began. He seriously didn't want to hit and he was up in 3 batters. I was stressing to him that he would have to leave the game if he didn't hit and he did not care.

So the moment of truth came I nudged him out of the dugout to daddy, I told him to hit off the tee so he didn't have to hold the bat as tight. Oh and a little bribery doesn't hurt either! Well let me tell ya he should hit "injured" more often because he hit that ball so hard it didn't touch the ground til it was passed second base. So I do believe in miracle healing after seeing it tonight:) He is now asleep with his bruised finger holding his new Webkinz tight-Don't judge me for my bribery!


Elizabeth said...

We are all about some bribery at our house. It never hurt anyone.

Mama's Losin' It said...

Awww, what a proud moment for mama!!

Elizabeth said...

Alright Miss Blog Savy, how did you do that cute header????