Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wanna know what I found out this morning?

The nice state trooper Gunn told me my tags were expired! Yep that is correct expired he was so nice to pull me over this morning in the school zone so that everyone passing by thought "oh look at that horrible mom being pulled over by a trooper"-LIGHTS and ALL! Oh he even got some backup from the ever so nice county police officer too, just in case I was one of those crazy soccer moms gone bad!

So here is my reward for being that good mom who takes her son to school instead of throwing his behind on the bus at 6:30am!

Wanna know how much my prize will cost me?

Just in case you can not read it-That would be $171.35! So anyone got a few bucks I can borrow?

Well luckily this "nice" trooper also informed me that I will not have to pay this if I go get my tags updated and take the proof to the county clerk office. So seriously here is my question if I will not have to pay this then WHY did he even bother to write me this big lengthy ticket? Why could he not have just told me they were expired and sent me on my way and not made me sit there with 2 little ones screaming to go home while EVERYONE passing by looked at me? Why oh why Mr. Trooper

**EDITED to add***
You will all be happy to know that I am no longer a horrible criminal breaking the law and driving with expired tags. I went and gave my $10 for the emissions testing and then my hard earned $76.50 to get current registration. Then figured out which building in downtown I needed to go to. I carried my sleeping 2 yr old and pushed the 1 yr old in a stroller into the Judicial building (which btw has some shady people hanging around waiting on court). She promptly told me "oh I don't have the paperwork for this yet and can't do it!" Oh NO I said you gotta do something I can't drag these kids down here again to get this fixed. She must have felt sorry for me cause she made a copy of the registration and said she would take care of it, lets hope she doesn't forget and you don't see me on a "wanted" poster in the post office:)


Anonymous said...

How funny is that my tags were expired for a few weeks in february before someone told me. Luckily I did not get pulled over. We can't remember everythingnow can we. I love the new pictures of Abby. I am having my kids done on Friday. I will email the site to you when they are up.


Elizabeth said...

Thats hilarious because I would have loved to have seen you in the mini all pulled over with a trooper behind you with his lights on. Too bad you had already dropped Wyatt off, his Mommy would have been the talk in the 1st grade today. How stupid though that all you have to do is go get them renewed and not have to pay the ticket. In the meantime there was probably someone being murdered or a robbery going on. I really think it was just that he thought you were a HOT mom, you made his day I'm sure.

Mama's Losin' It said...

Atta girl! Way to take care of business...if that officer only knew the stress he would cause that day.

Next time just make out with him wouldja!?!

AFRo said...

Dammit. You reminded me... mine expired in April. Crap. I'll get right on that. Tomorrow. Or maybe Thursday...

Kurt and Samantha said...

I would have loved to see that! Glad you don't have to pay that big amount.

Solei said...

ok, this is just too much... okay?

I swear I am not stalking you or making this up (being that like you I had a nintendo. being that like your son, my daughter lost the very same 2 front teeth and she also has a tooth fairy that has no clue on the going rate of teeth) but now this story! omg!

I was not worried for you one bit, because I knew the outcome. Pay a $10 fee only, as long as you pay your tags.
Same thing happened to me.
I swear!

Only in my story, hubby had been reminding me day in and day out to get that done, and procrastinator that I am, never really did.
Until the ticket that is!
Hubby never did find out about that one! I'd never hear the end of it.