Monday, January 18, 2010

He is now a provider for others

Nope still no computer for me, so I am stealing Wyatt's for a bit to get this post out.

Remember when I told you about Wyatt the mighty hunter here? Well this weekend was no different. It was the last weekend of hunting season which was a juvenile only hunt. He and Shane were up at darkthirty, unfortunately it also required me to get up for just a bit to help get him in all his stuff and make sure he had plenty of warm clothes on. Unfortunately, they returned empty handed later that morning, but Wyatt was determined and wanted to go back that afternoon. Daddy was happy to take him back even if it was raining. Shane is convinced it is the rain and this certain orange vest that brings them luck because it was also raining and he was wearing the same vest when he shot his first deer.

I got a picture a little while later and was very happy for him. I only had one question, what were they doing with it because it will not fit in our freezer. Between veggies from the garden and all the other deer in there it is PACKED. He called a friend and he said he would happily take it. So now he has provided for others.

Here is my proud little man with his 2nd buck!