Friday, January 15, 2010

sorry about being MIA

It's just that I have had a problem around here, a BIG problem.

Remember that awesome xmas present from the hubs? Ya know the one I was on here bragging about because I was so excited to be in the incrowd and finally have my very own laptop, one I didn't have to share with anyone. That very awesome xmas present is exactly my problem. As in it is DEAD! Yep you heard me right my very brand NEW pretty computer is DEAD.

It all started very innocently it would just randomly shut off, not shutting down just having what I thought was a kinda brain fart:) I didn't think much about it, thought it was just getting the kinks worked out of it's new self. Well I guess that not thinking much about led to it's demise because then soon it wouldn't do anything-no starting up, no system restore and no dreaded system wipeout-as in I have to wipe out the entire hard drive to restore to factory setting fixing the problem while loosing ALL my info. Luckily it was such a brand NEW computer there wasn't much on there to loose and what was on there was also on my former computer or still sitting on my camera card.

So after MANY phone calls to some other country talking to "technical support" (I use that term loosely seeing as they weren't very supportive in solving my problem). Their only solution was I box up my brand new computer and pay to ship it off to some unknown location for god only knows how long.

I was pi$$ed. How could this happen? It is brand new, why can't I just take it to someone locally or why should I have to pay out of my own pocket to ship the junk back? That IMO was crazy. They would more than likely have it longer than I had been able to use it. Here's the kicker the guy told me they would have paid to ship it had it been less than 30 days. I am not sure about you but when something is purchased as a Christmas present wouldn't you assume it wouldn't be opened until Christmas? OBVIOUSLY making it less than 30 days old! Even the place we purchased the computer went with that idea, they gave you 14 days from Christmas. Unfortunately we didn't take it back the night it actually really started acting bad or we would have made the 14 days.

But that was no longer the issue it wasn't really HH Gregg's fault that this computer was messed up. I think they assume that they are given a good computer from the company. So I really don't hate them, the people I was hating were the "technical support" at EMachines. See they had zero to offer me and refused to offer me anything other than paying out of my pocket and shipping it back for like I said and undetermined amount of time while they figure out the problem.

I was so mad I had to hang up on more than one person for fear of going to jail for threatening someone's life! I told Shane he needed to call them and get something solved before I lost my mind. So he worked on figuring it out.

He decided that maybe he could just get a new hard drive and install it, it would be ALOT quicker than them fixing it and would probably cost about the same as shipping it back. But first he decided to call them and demand they send him a new hard drive and see if that worked. Amazingly it worked they agreed to send him a blank hard drive with only an operating system on it (he demanded windows 7 instead of Vista we will see what happens with that). But unfortunately that is all that will be on it, it didn't originally have much, but you would think they could atleast throw in Office or something for our troubles, but what ever. I will just be glad when it actually arrives and Shane can get my computer back to me. We will deal with getting all the other stuff on it later.

So now here I sit at Wyatt's little desk in a very uncomfortable little chair typing out this post. But I had to post this because I promised the unhelpful and basically rude guy I spoke to at EMachines I would ;) I promised to let everyone know how I was "helped" when I had a problem with their product. Their product that we had already spent more than enough of our hard earned money on when purchasing it. Their product that he really basically didn't care wasn't working for me and that he didn't care what kind of problem that was for me.

So hopefully the new hard drive will arrive with Windows 7 on it and will work for a long, long time and I will never again have to deal with their "technical support". While we are on the topic of support why oh why can I not get someone locally, as in this country to help me when I call? Why when I call 6 separate times in 2 days do I continue to get someone whom I can not understand and who doesn't really seem to understand me? Can someone please tell me this.

enough of my ranting, I will be back soon I hope with good news.


Smoochiefrog said...

That totally stinks! I hope all is fixed soon.

Anonymous said...

5 lessons learned here:

1) Never buy e-machines/acer

2) Do not shop at HH Gregg(at least the one in Cool Springs)

3) "Technical Support" does not = Customer Service.

4) Look into the Rossetta Stone program for Punjabi

5) Go ahead and buy the "Extended Service Agreement" so when computer dies on day 15 the store will "try to help out a little better"


McAngie said...

Oh let's not get me started on customer service from foriegn countries or people here in the US who can barely speak english. Ugghhh... I do not say this because I'm pregidous, but because of frustration with service.

Geesh, that really sucks for you. I'm gettin my OWN laptop soon, I hope since the grownups in my home didn't get any xmas presents. I will definately keep what you said in mind and will NOT buy from E Machines.