Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hard to believe but it's been 4 years

Four years ago today our little Miss Abigail graced us with her presence. I should have known as quickly as she came into this world that we were in for the ride of our lives!

While pregnant with her everyone asked the million dollar question and I usually gave the politically correct answer of "it doesn't really matter." BUT deep down I knew I wanted a girl. Would I have not loved another son, of course not, but dang I wanted a girl. I had dreams of playing dress us, braiding her hair, painting her tiny nails, shoe shopping and all that is pink and sparkly. I also want to have a life long best friend in her. I want to be the mom that I don't have. I want to stay up late and talk about her first boyfriend and talk about all the mean girls at school and tell her how it is gonna be OK. I want to go wedding dress shopping and be the one to help her when she comes home with her first baby. I wanted all those mother/daughter things that are so special. and it didn't hurt that I knew I would seal my place by giving the grandparents a granddaughter after all those boys ;)

The last four years have been crazy with her around, don't get me wrong she was the BEST baby. Only surpassed in greatness by her brother. But Dang she is making up for her lost time in giving us hell. She is a ball of drama. At this age Wyatt had all but given up naps he didn't really need them. When she was born I decided it was time for mommy to reinstate nap time around here because I needed some time to breath & he was cool with it. But with her if you even think about saying the dreaded N word she freaks the freak out and if she hasn't had one you better watch your back cause someones going down if you mess with her.

She has earned her nickname "little evil" many times over. She will scream the most ungodly scream that hurts my throat to hear it over the littlest thing. She loves all things that is Princess and Daddy. She wants to do everything the boys are doing and gets very irritated if she thinks she is missing out on some fun. Daddy will be coaching her in tball come spring and all I have to say is those boys better watch it, cause they sure don't want no tiny blonde hair, blue eyed princess showing them up on the ball field.

We are loving every minute of being her parents (well maybe not EVERY minute) I couldn't ask for more. I am so glad God picked me to be her mom.

Look how much she has changed since way back on that first day of her life with us!


Kurt and Samantha said...

Such a sweet "looking" little girl, even though you say she can be evil:). There is just something about girls that are sassy, but they are so fun! Happy Birthday. little evil!:)

Elizabeth said...

I am a witness to the scream, it is ear piercing. But she is way too cute, so that makes the scream not too bad. I am hoping that when the day comes to shop for wedding dresses you take me with you. :-) Happy Birthday Abby. Aunt Liz love you!

Heather and Jason said...

Happy Birthday Abby! She is absolutely gorgeous. Hope she has a great day!

Cindy said...

Happy belated birthday Abby! She is adorable, no matter how "evil" she may really be! I hope she had a wonderful day!!