Sunday, November 1, 2009

Boo to you! and other stuff

To get the weekend started off right

and yes it was as good as it looks*

We were so glad when the rain cleared out and Saturday turned into a pretty day which meant all the trick or treating we could handle.

We went to a friend's house for their annual Halloween party. We also trick or treated in their neighborhood and let me tell ya I have never seen like the kids! OMG it was crazy. Oh and another thing-Since when did kids stop walking around the neighborhood getting candy? Have the kids become that lazy that it requires cars, trucks, golf carts, and trailers to haul them around? The traffic was crazy.

Our kids I guess were the part of the very few that were required to actually walk. It was cold but hey it was worth it for the loot

Our friends house was decorated so good, it was complete with a graveyard out front and lots and lots of treats.

How cute are they?

Thumbalina and Boba Fett

This guy was handing out candy-she was not scared one bit she was on a mission for candy and nothing was gonna stop her!

the big boys were not as thrilled with him;)

OMG I can hardly stand the cuteness

And on a totally unrelated note. Saturday also just happened to be the opening day of juvenile hunting season. Shane and Wyatt were up before the crack of dawn and off to the woods. They had been preparing for this for a couple weeks now. We took him out the other day to shoot his gun and make sure it was on target-which it was and so he knew that there would be no blaming of the gun this year if he shoots and misses like last year:)

Anyways so they get there and sit for barely an hour when the unlucky one stumbles into Wyatt's sight's. Shane said Wyatt was pretty nervous he says he was just excited. Either way I heard that there was alot of deep breaths taken before he laid the hammer down and this guy ran a little ways and as they sat there wondering if it was a good shot Wyatt saw him fall and it was official. Wyatt is now a provider for our family and is earning his keep!

Wyatt and one very proud daddy

he was SO proud of himself and told everyone about it. It was so cute hearing him talk about it.

I see many wonderful years and many wonderful memories made while sitting in the woods together. Shane has such a love of all things hunting and outdoors and is so glad that his son is also prepared to wake at godawful hours and go sit in the cold.

*no I did not make this pizza it was provided by Papa Murphys


Kurt and Samantha said...

Very cute trick or treaters!! That pumpkin pizza looked YUMMY! What a great idea. Glad you had great weather, not so great for us. We had fun though. I know Wyatt and Daddy are both so proud--great memories.

Ms. Kathy said...

So cute!

And that pizza is calling my name...I'm coming over! didn't eat it already, did you?

Elizabeth said...

I know your not taking credit for that Papa Murphys creation. :-)
The kids looked great in their costumes.
So proud of Wyatt. I know Shane was beaming when Wyatt got it.
I am bound to not only cook deer but eat it too one of these days with 2 soon to be hunters. YUCK!

Bad Mommy said...

Awwwww, congrats to Wyatt! They look so proud with their kill. :)

Mayhem and Moxie said...

Such a darling post. I think you immediately captured my attention with that picture of the pizza. Too much!

Glad to see that everyone in your house had such a good holiday.

Heather said...

Hi! I left you a little something on my blog. = )

Cristin said...

That pizza looks kick ass.

I remember how proud Dennis was when he got a deer... I won't tell him about this... he misses his hunting days...